How I Analyze a Rental Property (in-depth video from Brandon!)

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Ok, I really like your analysis and I am very new to this so this might be the wrong way of looking at a deal but I feel like the cash on cash return view could be improved upon.  The two things not considered in the analysis of cash on cash are the tax write offs for expenses and interest paid as well as the additional "savings account" generated by having someone else paying off your house for you/building that equity.  When I factor those into the equation even an 8% return on a rental property looks far better than a stock market investment because stocks require capital gains tax upon selling and don't have nearly the same tax benefits.  (I have traded stocks for many years to moderate success and am just dabbling in real estate so any input would be very helpful).   

Actually seeing the process and listening to your thoughts as they are occurring was so valuable. Written articles are great, but they don’t deliver that meaty insight that you get with a “live” walkthrough like this. Thanks for sharing!