Getting a Job!!!!

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So I am currently 21 years old you can date my posts all the way back to when i was 18 looking to get into REI. I've learned quite a bit but not nearly enough. I find myself wondering without a path, only a destination. I realized, as I was applying for different security guard positions, that sitting down/walking around for 8+ hours a day could have close to no benefit to my REI career. The original plan was to walk into various mortgage companies, really anything real estate related and ask if they needed any help with their day to day operations. I understand getting my foot in the door is probably the most monumental hurdle I have probably encountered as it is life changing if i succeed. Really all im asking for is some advice on what you think i should do. I have no one I can accurately talk to this about in person because no one I know is a REI, and they say "take advice only from someone you would trade places with." I'm just so tired of wasting time, I know I could live up to any task placed in front of me, its just about finding the person willing to trust me with these tasks.

Thanks for reading and i hope to hear from all of u soon!  



I think your best corse of action is to fast track your RE license and get it done as soon as possible, and either do that on weekends/time when you're not doing your security work or just make the lead into an industry that will at least get you closer or open a few more doors. Something that comes to mind is any bank. Even if it doesn't directly introduce you to someone in REI it will almost certainly give you a nice perspective on the world of finance, which has its place in REI. But there are many things out there that could potentially give you insight. Mortgage companies was a great idea, property management firms, apartment complexes, even hotels. All these ideas have some relation to real estate. You have the first step down of wanting it but without taking that first leap into something new you're relying on luck of someone walking into your life and telling you what to do/ where to go. Almost all rewards have a risk associated with them and being that you're so young you have a lot of time to build yourself back up if you fail initally