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Huy N.
  • Houston, TX
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A cleaner job

Huy N.
  • Houston, TX
Posted Mar 8 2016, 04:10

okay so everyone knew about this dirty job. This project happened to run parallel with the other one at the same time.  Fortunately, this is a much cleaner job. I had two project running at the same time in the middle my full time job and everything else. This is my lame excused for not being active lately on BP

This is the 1st time we did a complete bathroom build out and kitchen build out and really spend the time designing the space.

This will be live and flip deal! Yes I'm moving in to this house and will rent out my current primary resident. Base on the comps, i am hoping that i can get all of my money out after refinancing. my current primary resident PITI is ~650 so it will cash flow well

The property sit on 3/4 of an acre. I'm pumping water out from the well and they have an onsite sewer system!

I have the right team work on this house so not much surprised. actually we have good surprised! I pulled the carpet and found the original hardwood floor just like those show on TV! I hired a professional wood floor company to sand it down, repair it, and wax it...

Here go the pictures


This is the room where we build out the master bathroom

Master bedroom

2nd bedroom

3rd bedroom

During the rehab

Foundation adjustment

bath tub build out

Guest bathroom

Opening up the kitchen for more space

and the after!!!

remember that ugly green room up top? here it is...

original wood floor. installed in 1965 by the builder, refinished in 2016

and yea, got a free bed and other furniture in the house left by the previous owner

here come the main part of the rehab. the master bath! I temporary open up the wall to make the closest. Plan to close it later with a big sliding mirror. the only thing we kept in this room the door let to the toilet

Here come the kitchen!

still need the hardware to go with the cabinet...but it is what it is for now

didn't do much to the front for the outside, new 30 years roof and some rooted wood replacement

Huge back yard. got a kid play house if anybody in Houston is interested. 

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