Sight Unseen

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Purchasing land? No idea what you need to be aware of, I haven't done or looked into any land deals. I'd suspect you might want to check what it's zoned for, but beyond that I don't know.

Purchasing land without due diligence can be throwing money away. You need to know zoning and if it's a conforming lot. Also is there public or private utilities ? If private has a perc test been performed ?

Are there wetlands, rivers or steams near properties ?

I have found that if someone is selling land online- especially without a broker and on an auction site then that's a big red flag

My take is that if you can afford to purchase a property (including land), then you can afford a plane ticket. You will never be sorry by doing on the ground due dilligence.  

 Christopher I would definitely make sure you have a very current perc test. If it doesn't perc it's basically worthless except for hunting or things that don't require a septic system.