environmental phase 1 test???

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Hey guys,

 I NEED your help. I am in the process in purchasing my first property and my real estate agent is strongly suggesting that I get a eviromental test done on the property and soil before we close. Says its very standard practice to have this done. The property is beside a mechanic garage so he suggested it even more so. Is this a good idea? It's a 1,750.00 test so that kinda hurts the budget a little bit. What do you guys think? 

@Casey Wickline if there is a strong reason to believe there could be contamination it would probably be money. If contamination if found after you close you could be held liable for the cleanup depending on the laws of your state.

Call the local state entity that handles environmental issues for the EPA. I'm not sure who that is in your state. They may know if you need it. Most of this stuff has been mapped. Underground Storage tanks and spills are typically known by the local entity that deals with that. Parks and wildlife departments and US fish and wildlife offices also may be aware. It's couple of phone calls in lieu of spending money for a phase I which may lead to a Phase II.

Hi Casey, You can also check with city hall to see if there were any 21E issues. Many time if it's a busy gas station they get it tested every three months and give the reports to the abutters.

Hey thanks so much for the replies everyone. Very helpful! 

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