Hamilton, NJ rentals

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Hey folks, I'm looking at a potential buy and hold property in Hamilton, NJ. Does anyone have good/bad experience they can share regarding tenants and what my vacancy rates could potentially be (5-8%)? Thanks!

Hey Erik, I work the Hamilton area and am very familiar with it.  I only have 2 sfr's there, one with a section 8.  Vacancy rate will be directly tied to everything you already read about here...type of house, location, condition, and amount you are charging for rent.  Feel free to PM me and I will share all I know.

@Erik Cabral , I have 2 duplexes in Hamilton. So far they are doing well, with an extremely low vacancy. There are tenant issues, but less than my units in Mount Laurel. They cash-flow nicely despite high taxes. Feel free to send me a PM.

One of my Realtors is presenting me a property in Hamilton. Will love to connect to anyone in the area as I will be checking it out tomorrow. Best of Luck to everyone.

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