3 Years of Building my business With no Deals

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Hello BP Family,

I have started my investing journey under a great Mentor for more than 3 years. During this time, I have created my LLC, website, and my social media presence has created a good following of people. Currently I am still working full time to pay the bills, but every chance I get I am always studying, networking, and open to find partners to help me find deals to execute.

My time is limited due to work, but as of now, my niche can be to wholesale or simply create a partnership with someone looking to invest their funds into the deals I find.  I have a great number of real estate professionals willing to help me execute and close deals, I am now stuck at a point where nothing is coming in the way I want.

My goals now is to wholesale 5 deals by each quarter of the year.  I am always on BP studying and networking. always providing content online and on my own site, but I am open to learn a few more tricks from you all to help me find these deals.

I will not allow this time to get discourage, I just want to continue to push, push, and push!

Any advice!

@Gregg Hutton what steps are you taking to get deals? Have you tried cold calling or direct mailing to gather leads?

Also you should add a link to your website, I would like to check it out!

You've been doing this for 3 years and haven't done a single deal? Sorry to be blunt, but what is the point? You can only study and network for so long my friend. Sooner or later you have to jump.

After 3 years its time to either start or quit.

My suggestion would be to go to the local trustee sales, and introduce yourself to the investors there buying up properties.  Pass out your card and chat with them.  Sometimes those kinds of investors decide that they just want to quickly flip one of the properties that they end up with, so giving it to a wholesaler to sell it is an easy solution for a quick $5-10K.  This would cost you nothing to do, and would broaden your networking base.  There may be more than one trustee sale each week in your area, so as many as you can go to, the more opportunities you will have to network.  The more exposure these investors have to you, the more they will open up to a business relationship with you.  Keep in contact with them.  Follow-up.  Plant the seeds.  With some pruning, you will have a garden.  :)

Your business sounds more like a hobby.... What are your followers getting out of this, why are they still following you? Obviously you have something of value otherwise they'd leave, but it doesn't sound like your value is coming from the wholesale side of things...

2 of those years has been under a mentor, studying and managing leads, creating hedge funds, etc. My LLC was created when i first began and now the site and online presence started just recently. Finding deals and putting under contract isn't the issue, closing has been the struggle.

I guess the real question is how to pivot the business strategy during a "drought"...

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