WeGoLook Alternative - Suggestions?

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I need to look at a property in another state. I used to use WeGoLook but I guess they decided to not offer property inspection service any more. Does anyone have a recommendation of any alternate services similar to WeGoLook? 

I am aware of getting an agent to take pictures for me. I do not want to do that. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks - I have the same question.  However I was looking for someone who would do more than just a visual inspection of the outside of the property - I was looking for someone to go inside (I can provide a one-time door code) and do detailed photos of  potential problem areas etc.  I'm not sure I would feel comfortable just hiring someone randomly off Craigslist.

Are there any alternatives to WeGoLook? Disappointing that they got out of this business. :(


For anyone else reading this thread, I ended up contacting a home inspector I've worked with in the past and he has agreed to do a "light" home inspection for $100, so that works out perfect. 

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