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Hello all!

Before the Holiday's I came across BP and made my introduction but I have been gone for a month and a half and am now ready to jump back into REI. I would love to meet with any investors that would be willing to share their knowledge and advice about investing in the Spokane area, specifically BRRRR investing. I'm really focused on this strategy and am curious if anyone in the area has done it, the steps they took to make it happen, and how the process turned out. I'm a complete newbie to REI other than spending hours reading through BP forums and blogs, any information/knowledge that I can gain from others would be AWESOME!



Welcome man! That is awesome, you are a pro golfer and now looking to build financial freedom through RE investing? 

I have been wholesaling  in the Spokane area for almost a year now. I get to meet a lot of investors that are both successful and unsuccessful.  I heard this from a bigger player in our town about the current market and investors "Finding deals through realtors was how I bought 90% of my deals 18 months ago, but , in general, these days it isn't something I'm spending any time on because it's hard to make money competing against "investors" who ...frankly, don't care about or know how to, make money."

Nonetheless, there are still deals to be had. People die consistently, get divorced, Landlords evict there tenants, people get divorced, foreclosures happen, etc.  I would just be more careful. Some of the best deals you will do are the ones you won't.  That is where you can be benefited by a good wholsaler, or do the deal finding, house hunting yourself.  As long as you have everything lined up: Your financing, contractor, refinancing plan, reserves, and you know how to analyze the deal then go for it.  

If you need a list of Private money lenders, a conventional lender, contractors, wholesalers PM Me i can provide you with some local guys.

Also you asked who does BRRR deals in our area Reach out to Nick Bevridge on BP, PM for his number. Nick has several BRRR properties and can walk you through the process.

If you ever want to meet up when you are in Spokane, hit me up I would love to help you out as much as I can, I can also introduce you to other investors that you can do some JV's, or just network and learn from.

Wishing you all the best!


Hello Bo,
Welcome back to BP. I just recently joined BP and I am finding there's a lot of useful information in here. I have done a couple of flips in the past, but it was not my full-time job. In July or August of this year I I am moving to the Spokane region and I am going to begin flipping properties full-time. Until that time, I am in the process of establishing my network so I can hit the ground running once I move up there full-time. Let's keep in touch and we can collaborate on ideas in order to ensure we are successful. Good luck and hope to talk to you soon.
Mike Green.

@Dan G. , thanks for the helpful advice. I will get in touch with you ASAP.

@Mike Green , it sounds like you would have some experience with estimating rehab costs and such, it would be awesome to pick your brain when you get up here and also help you feel at home in Spokane. PM me when you get to town and we can meet up.

@Bo, great to hear about another investor in the Spokane area! I've been investing buy and hold in Spokane for a few years. Mainly multifamily but a few singles here and there. I now split my time between London and California, but family is in Spokane so come back quite often. 

If you are interested, I'd be happy to let you know how I got started in the area and what might be of interest to you! Feel free to PM me :) 



Hi Bo, I would love to connect as I am an active investor in Spokane as well.  Shoot me a message or give me a call when you get a chance.  Maybe we could grab a coffee next week.  Thanks so much.  Rance 

hey guys I’m following your posts and also am actively looking at Spokane and surroundings for investments. I’m currently in Az for the month but would like to hear what you all are doing in the future

Thank you 

Tony Wagner 

Hey Bo, I've bought a few BRRRR deals, but mostly focus on wholesales and flips. I've been a full-time investor in Spokane since 07' with over 200 transactions. Lets trade notes sometime over lunch.

@Bo Baker

@Dan G.

@Jonathan McKay

@Rance Brown

@Tony Wagner

@Jacob Evans

What is up everyone? I am currently in the Spokane area until next Tuesday (Jan. 23). Is anyone available to get together this coming week and have a cup of coffee and share ideas. My schedule is pretty wide open and can make any evening work. Let me know if your interested. Anyone going to the Next Gen REI meeting this Thursday?

I can probably make it to Thursdays meeting and will have time for a few beers after...

I have prior commitments on Wednesday and Thursday evening, I may be able to meet up Thursday night if you guys are having beers after the meeting... Just depends on how long my other dinner goes. Let me know!

i am out of town till the end of the month but would love to touch base after that

Hi Bo!

I'm a newbie as well that will be living in the Spokane area full-time this fall. I read your profile and it sounds similar to my situation. I have a summer business that runs for about 6 months and gives me all sorts of time in the fall/winter. Other than that, I am just a professionally poor golfer. 

Good luck. Maybe we will get the chance to meet up sometime this "off-season."

@Zack Clark , let's get together when you move to town. It's always good to connect and network!

@Zack Clark I'm at Esmeralda Golf Course. It's one of the four city-owned facilities in town. If you golf, then we should get out and play when you are here. Can't get much better than figuring out deals while on the course!

I'll be at this investor meeting tonight. Usually some good, free networking and education...


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