How can I ask a family friend to be my mentor?

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I have a friend who's a seasoned investor and can really help me expand my business, how can I ask him to be my mentor, or what should I do?

Incredible thanks for the cooperation given by you guys!

@Juan Rubio - Make a list of questions that you think he can help you take your business to the next level and then take him out to lunch to go over them.  Then follow it up with a fantastic thank you note and a nice bottle of wine or whiskey. 

Most people are happy to help if there are specific questions they can answer.  You don't need to ask him to mentor to you but just ask him your questions and see if he'd be okay with you periodically following up with him or eventually partnering on a deal or something like that. 

Most importantly is just to go for it! :)  The worst that can happen is he is too busy now and you will have to ask again later.

Best of luck and keep us posted! :)

@Juan Rubio just ask him when is a good time to stop by one of his properties or his office and chat a bit about his business and answer some of your questions. 

From there, ask if he doesn't mind your reaching out from time to time for advice, or even ask him to be an unpaid intern to help his business. That way you are adding value also. 

All the best!


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