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My husband and I are new to the real estate investing club and are looking to learn and connect with knowledgeable and reputable people.  We currently teach oversees in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but we've spent most of our adult lives in SE Georgia.  We have wanted to invest in real estate for quite some time but never had the time, energy, or money to do so.  Living oversees has afforded us both the time and energy (still working on the money aspect).  We have done quite a bit of research, but don't want to get into the "analysis paralysis" mode, so we've decided to search for people who could help us on this journey.  @Sterling White suggested that we connect on BP and here we are.  Our current need is in analyzing markets.  We aren't sure which market(s) to invest in and a good deal doesn't necessarily mean a good deal if it is in a not so good area.  Any suggestions you can provide is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to posting several success stories here and helping others in this journey to financial freedom.  Thanks

Also, is there a way to change my current location or look for other investors who live in my current area?  I only see options for US addresses.  It would be nice to maybe meet up with other investors in this area that are looking to invest in the US.  Oh, and no we are not military, lol.  

Howdy @Tiffany Griggs

I like using

They can provide an overview or a detailed report on all markets.  They have free and pay reports.  Once you start narrowing down markets ask for Brokers or Property Management for those areas here on BP.

Also complete your profile.  People have tags they look for from profiles and posts.  

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