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I am new to investing in the Kansas city, Missouri area. I am closing on my first 3 bed 2 bath property located near UMKC, going to be house hacking and renting out 2 rooms to students and I am already looking at second deal in that area as investment property. I have underwritten few deals for houses in that area which they all generate cash flow of over$200 a deal. Looking for experienced investors in the area to take out to lunch sometimes and just learn from their experience and get advice. My future goal in to get into multi family deals. Also where do I find investor meet up in the area. Thank you

Hi Ali! Congrats on the deal. I’ve done a couple deals and am putting together one at the moment but would still consider myself pretty new. Feel free to reach out, though, and I’ll do what can to help in any way possible. Like you, I’d love to get into larger multi family down the road when the right deal comes along.

That would be awesome jeremy! I wouldnt mind meeting up for coffee,I sent you a request! lets get our real estate empires going! 

Congrats on getting started on your RE journey. MAREI is a local Investor group. Lots of great people and info.

@Ali Zantout I run a monthly meetup, with a few other guys, for investors in the area.

If you're looking for something with a formal agenda and a sales pitch, we're not your group.

But, if you're down for just casually hanging out at a local bar/restaurant, sharing conversation with like minded folks, feel free to join.

We will be joining the a group of folks closer to the Northland this month, at Nick and Jake's in Parkville 7:30 PM.
(though our monthly meetups are usually in the Waldo/Westport area)
Anyone and everyone is welcome!


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