[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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Agree with @Mike M.@Suzan Hailey Are you planning on doing the rehab yourself?  I am assuming this property is in Kansas, where your profile indicates you are located.  What is the rehab budget based upon?  Did you get a GC in there?  Are there foundation issues, ancient plumbing & wiring, asbestos and lead hazmat issues?  

The property looks like a SFH, but the title in the report says "Dewey Duplex". Are you intending to convert it to a duplex? If so, make sure the city is okay with this.

Also, it appears you intend to BRRR, yes?

Thanks Michael. We had a GC give the bid. Wiring is old and would be replaced. Plumbing was also part of the bid. I need to check with GC to see if asbestos and lead were on his radar, thanks. 

It is currently a duplex with a tall attic we will make into a studio. 

Yes, we are planning to BRRRR.

Planning on making an offer today or tomorrow. 

Mike, That's what I was wondering. Lol. 

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