Considering purchase of a hoarded property-what to look out for?

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So I'm looking at a deal with that is for 2 houses on a single lot.   Both have current tenants which have been there 7-8 years and appear to be major hoarders.  When I went in to view the property cat urine smell hit me so hard I almost fell down.  I was so grossed out I wanted to burn my clothes when I left.  

Given the condition of the property I am not sure how to go about evaluating it.  You can't see the floor in most of the rooms in both houses.  

Any thoughts on how to approach this and come up with my MAO? Should I just assume a total tear out all the way down to the studs?

Not sure how to know if there is anything even salvageable when I cant see past the garbage.  

Also, is there anything that I should be looking for specifically during due diligence related to the hoarding?  (I am guessing there are common problems with these type properties)

I had a hoarder in one unit in a 4plex that I purchased a few years ago.  When we closed, we gave her a 60 day notice and they moved out without incident (including all the stuff - no idea where it all went!)

They kept two cats and two dogs inside, and the place nearly required a gas mask to step into (and this is coming from someone who has animals in the house and is used to the smell).  We aired it out for days, sanded down the wood floors and resurfaced them, cleaned and painted the walls, and used odorxit AQM, and managed to clear the stench.  We were afraid we'd have to fully replace the wood floors, but thankfully we didn't.

Having a hoarder there can be an advantage, as many people can't see beyond it.