Stolen Condenser Question

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I've recently had a tenant move out. When the locks were changed, my guy tells me the AC Condenser was stolen.  Makes me madder than I can express.

My question is, where is the best place to buy cages to minimize this in the future? 

just call any HVAC company they will know who to refer you too.. while caging is a nice deterrent if they really want them they just bring a Sawzall and cut the cage.. there is also companies that put lojacks on these things.. you can google those.

If I was going back into land lording in areas were these thefts are common and its pretty much common in the cash flow areas of major MSA's  I would try to retrofit them up onto the roof.. like we see in the desert.. 

Thank you Jay! 

I like the roof idea.  Easier for a slab house. But I like it none the less. 

Like so many things in life, it's about minimizing opportunity. Can't prevent everything. 

Damn I just had an old one 'dumped' on one of our vacant properties, line set still attached. They must have backed in tipped it off the back & gone.

We dragged it out front & it was gone in a day......