Questions about NOI. Can anyone help me?

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Hey everyone, 

I am in the process of analyzing a potential deal. I have attached the link to the calculator below so you can take a look at the details. 

I am wondering how the calculator is coming up with the NOI? No matter how I try to run it I do not come up with the same numbers and am concerned I have the wrong equation for calculating NOI. I am under the impression that NOI = Income - Expenses. If I follow this equation I come up with Income = $49,800, Expenses on the low end = $34,356, which should make NOI =$15,444.

Can someone explain what I am doing wrong please?

Also, if you are interested in looking over the rest of the deal I would love your feedback!

Thank you!

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Correct, NOI = Income minus expenses.....but expenses do Not include P&I. NOI is the same whether you finance the property or pay cash.

NOI-P&I= Cash Flow

Note...your vacancy seems high, unless a really low class property.  Bit youhave No expenses in there for normal repairs and maintenance, repairs/turn over cost between tenants, or capex....which are all Real expenses.


Thank you for taking a look at this. I removed the capex and other expenses because I am following the Brrrrr method for this property and will be renovating the entire property before putting it on the market. This should allow me 3-5 years of avoiding most expenses. My plan is to dump all profits from cash flow into a "OH S***" account which will grow at $10,152 a year. By the time my property needs any major fixes I should have plenty of money in the "OH S***" account to cover the fixes. What are your thoughts on this strategy?

As for the NOI, I completely forgot that expenses do not include P&I!

Thank you!

@Wayne Brooks

A couple more question, I have heard that a good rule of thumb for estimating capex is 8% of monthly income. Also, I have heard 6% of purchase price for closing costs?

Are those good rules to follow while estimating?

And do you have any other % rules you could share that help in the estimation process?

Thank you, 

Logan Aardrup

@Logan Aardrup , what kind of property is this? MFR, right?

  • 8% is probably fine for vacancy.
  • If you're actually adding $150k of value, you should expect your taxes to go up.
  • Despite the renovation, I would still be accounting for repairs and CapEx (15% combined) along the lines of what @Kyle Smith recommended. You're planning for the long term here.
  • What about water/sewer, house electric, lawn care, snow removal, and professional fees?