Are buyer requests overboard and a little absurd??

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Sounds like they are just throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks. A strategy I like is "We will do items 1,4,6 however the deposit becomes non refundable for any reason". Sometimes I even increase the deposit. It's an easy win for your agent because, your saying "Sure we will do these items but you have to prove you are committed to buying". Also it stops their "nibbling" in the future because you can just say "no" to any and all future requests and if they don't like it you can keep their deposit. 

@Phillip Garcia

We rarely get into the actual logistics of the repairs. Many buyers are naive and think their inspectors findings are somehow supposed to become my “honey do” list. I typically throw 500-1000 dollars at all of the issues in their entirety. Getting sucked into doing the actual work/ repair just leads to endless nitpicking about the end results. I typically also have a home warranty already planned into my numbers as buyers seem to be placated by them (but also typically naive to the headaches associated with those warranties). In the end, I always work to try and close the deal with a happy buyer as I already have my target number in mind.

@Phillip Garcia

Nope I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. If you agree you agree, if you don’t then oh well.

My scenario:

Asking price: 185k (priced a little below market)

First offer: 185k, seller cover 3.5% towards closing, and 5k for a newer AC unit (this is Florida)

- Then they said they had multiple offers (this is with 24 hrs of hitting the market), and wanted best and highest offer

- I offered 188k cover 3% towards of closing costs (closing costs are $5,700)... 3% x 188k = 5640, so I would only have to bring $60 to the table

They accepted this offer

- Did the home inspection, inspector said the roof only had 5 years left (composite shingle) WITH repairs

- So we had a roofer look at it, they refused to even do repairs to it since it was so worn down it needed to all be replaced (Florida roofers are strictly regulated and justly so because of Hurricanes)

- Requested the sellers put a new roof on the home payed for fully by them before closing

- They accepted

- Why would a buyer NOT ask? All they can do is say no, may as well save myself $10,000 and try.

Take it as you will but I don’t think buyer requests are absurd and you have the right to accept or deny them