What does property deal analysis look like? Newbie here

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For Flipping:

1 - Sale Price when sold - Cost to buy - cost of rehab - misc costs   =   Profit

For Holding:

2 - Incomes/month - expenses/month   =   Cash Flow

3 - Total Out of Pocket Cost to REI      =     # of years to Recover all Cash Spent (REI Actual Cost)
Cash Flow/month x 12

4 - All income to REI (first year only)    =    Cash on Cash Return
All cost to REI (first year only)


1 - Cost to Buy/rehab is what comes "out of pocket (cash)" for REI
2 - Cash Flow must be positive or your "cost" increases every month it isn't positive.
3 - In all cases, true Profit is achieved only after REI has recovered all of the cash (cumulative) they have put in.