Young guy short job history? Which lender should I go to ?

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I started working at a pumping patch last year in September and ended the last day of October then worked at that same company for there Christmas trees and did that and ended at the end of the year so I didn’t have a job for two months till I got a job at a movie theater and worked there till the end of august while also working again for the pumpkin patch when they asked me start working for them in July since then I been working for them and now we’re going into Christmas season. Will I get lenders with this work history? Or should I get a better job that pays more than minimum wage

Hey Oscar, thanks for asking the question and seemingly being open to honest feedback. You should definitely look for a better job that is more consistent. Most lenders want to see consistent employment as well as significant reserves in cash in the bank before they will lend to you. 

You can always go the non traditional route and find money in other places, but until you have a proven track record, that can be tough too. Best of luck!

Pick the best paying one. If you could find a gig in the real estate arena that could be a plus but you should start gathering as much cash as you can for a down payment

It varies from lender to lender so ask around but many want to see 2 years of w2 income. I’ve heard chase lending to people with less work experience though. Best of luck!