Is it a good time to get into multi-family rental units?

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I am thinking to get into multi-family units in Baltimore and surrounding area.

Adobe the rates are all time low, is it a good time to get in as investor??

Thanks in advance!

Ozzy is right here - multifamily is extremely limited in MD and the ones that are available get swept up by investors quickly and/or are upped in price due to everyone trying to get in on multifamily, which is a buzzword for a lot of investors

Generally it's always a good time to invest in real estate, as long as the deal works. I think your best bet could be to try house-hacking where you can rent rooms - you could qualify for a low down payment if you decide to go the owner occupied route. 

Again there's no bad time to invest in real estate, unless the CDC decides to enact legislation that may "ban landlords from receiving rental income" or "all appreciation of real estate values to be collected by CDC" (sarcasm).

@Priyal B. I think it’s always a good time to get into a good deal. It’s never a good time to get into a bad deal.

“Multifamily’” means anything over 5+ units… so getting into it can mean different things, depending on your goals and strategy.

First step is to decide whether you intend to be active or passive. If you have no available time, active investing may not be the right path since it will gobble up your limited hours.

Second step is to decide what type of performance you are looking for out of it - looking for cashflow v. growth.

I wish I had gone through that^ exercise instead of buying a local duplex out here in California. I could have saved capital and dozens of hours of times (maybe hundreds).

It's a good time to invest, you just have to perform great due diligence on the asset you're purchasing. Your underwriting needs to be conservative