What Should I Do Next? (Newbie + Atlanta Market )

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Hello All!! I’m a newbie in investing and looking to figure my next move in the ATL market. Would appreciate advice.

I currently have 2 Mobile Homes (renting out 1 and living in the other temporarily)

Have around 40k in Cash to invest (I would rather use other people’s money)

Bringing in 50k a year from 9to5

No debt with good credit score (700+)

My goal is to have rentals (SFH, duplexes, MH)

Thanks for your time.

@Ryshawn Cousar I’m in north Atlanta and Blue Ridge. Buy a short term rental in blue ridge with 10% down or move into a single family home in Forsyth county area (healthy growing area).

Or do both! You could rent out your current mobile home, get into a new single family home for low down and then use the other cash for a short term rental.

Let me know if I can help!