Who is watching Triple Digit Flip?

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So I’ve watched the first 4 or 5 episodes of Triple Digit Flip and here are my thoughts.

I was really looking forward to the show. After having heard Jamil on the podcast and Pace on and hosting the podcast, I thought highly of the show. I’ve been very impressed with the quality and style of renovations. I like how they crunch the numbers between 2 props and then decide what they are going to do.

2 things cause me pause. 1. I can’t believe how inexpensive they can renovations done. Maybe it’s steady work, maybe something else, but the prices are insanely low IMO and I’m not even in a top tier market. 2. I’m disappointed they don’t include a more true break down of cost. They take sale price and subtract their purchase price and Reno cost but don’t include closing or holding cost even though they talk about closing cost when things are delayed.

Overall, good show and I’ll keep watching. Very entertaining and I enjoy their renovation styles.