Of all the places you lived, where would you move to right now

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I've lived all over: upstate NY, Vegas, San Diego, Portland Maine, Burlington Vermont, and St Petersburg Florida. My heart is in San Diego. You can't beat the amazing weather. Vermont is a close second :P

I love it in New Jersey where I live now and would not consider moving but if I had to move someplace where I'd lived already, it would be in the East Bay area of Concord California. It's beautiful and has a fantastic climate. It sits in the shadow of Mount Diablo and has everything that you need. Since I was only riding motorcycle at the time I remember that I could ride in any direction and have terrific scenery. I've lived in Fort Lauderdale FL, Redondo Beach CA, Torrance CA, Ontario CA, Las Vegas and other cities like Boston and in Rhode Island when I was younger so I didn't compare them. After 17 years of being in California and Las Vegas I moved back to where I belong and feel most comfortable here in Jersey. Fortunately, New Jersey is a great place to buy rental property and I really wouldn't leave unless I had to. 

We currently live in North Bay Ontario Canada. I would love to live near Orlando Florida. We have three kids, we love that there is no snow and that there is always something to do! That being said, we would come back all the time to visit family and to make sure all of our assets and businesses are running smoothly.

I grew up in RHode island then moved to Miami at age 26 ...stayed 15 years then moved to Loa Angeles, which was amazing for the climate and endless things you can do. After 3 years there tried Providence again for one year and just couldn’t take the winters so now I’m Back in Fort Lauderdale ...  everywhere has been a great experience... but would say Los Angeles would be my ideal place to live but living in the sun shine and warmth most of the year makes u live each and everyday here In South Florida!

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Tokyo. But I wouldn't know how to make a living there as an investor.

Live where you want to live and invest where the numbers make sense.  :-) Pretty sure BP has a book on Long Distance Investing.


I've lived throughout the Midwest and as bad as California is now with the lockdown, leadership and taxes... theres just nothing like California! Specifically SoCal. 

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I live in Manhattan, NYC and grew up here in the city. I'm concerned that we're going to see a reversal of urbanization due to the pandemic. I think what COVID has done is 

1) sped up the migration of millennials to the nearby suburbs - NJ, Westchester, LI 

2) new permanent work from home policy changes lead by the tech industry (Twitter, Facebook) which will echo across industries will make people reconsider where they want to live. That's never been an option until now. A lot of permanent flexible work from home corporate policies (esp in the finance, insurance sectors) are up in the air at the moment and not finalized. As people work from home more they're going to want to have more space and would want to leave densely populated cities. Another issue here is shared washer/dryer space in mega apartment complexes - that alone might be enough to move me!! State income tax would be another consideration. So I think what we're going to see is an exodus from densely populated urban cores to slightly smaller cities - esp to those in warmer climates and tax friendly states. Think Atlanta, Austin, Portland etc...

Going back to your original question - we're also seeing milder winters in NYC as well but it's tough living here. I only realized that when I left NYC to live elsewhere (SF, London, Germany, Shanghai, etc...and those aren't even small). If I were to leave to NYC I'd want to move to the bay area which is even more insanely expensive but I love being on the coast and easy access to gourmet sushi/japanese food is important to me! yes that's actually a consideration :)

     I'm in SF and was considering the reverse move pre-covid. And food is such an important consideration ! 

    I joke that I can't move anywhere with top tier sushi/korean food. Its whats keeping me from moving closer to family in Texas. Love BBQ but I'm too much of a foodie.

    BTW I think LA actually has better sushi than SF ;) though Bay area has one of the best spots in CA at Sushi Yoshizumi. 

    I love Encinitas, and even my neighborhood so much that I can practically see my old house from my new house. I moved away from Encinitas once and was back within 9 months, what can I say, I'm a north county San Diego girl!

    Army brat here, so I've lived all over the USA and spent 4 years in Germany due to my dad being in the Army and 4 on my own. In the states I think Huntington Beach would be great, or Colorado Springs. But my preference would be Innsbruck, Austria, a town like Landshut or Bamberg Germany or a city like Berlin or Dresden.

    I guess I'll never move simply because I can't make up my mind. lol