BP post got me fired!

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@Todd Powell Congrats on the new job! I work in construction management and love the field. What type of projects do they do? But you do have me thinking twice about what I write on the internet. Though I also have a boss that invests in real estate and gives me the time so I can work on mine, so I feel very fortunate and glad it exists elsewhere too.

I'm a firm believer of "live, and let live".

But I'm also a believer in "keep your f*3&(&# head down".

And I'm a firm believer in "you reap what you sow".

I think what's happening here is a solid lesson in it all. There's some crazy people out there who would love nothing better to do than tear down another human being. Some people need to be torn down and they aren't -- the world isn't fair in that way, which is why I invest in real estate in the first place. I'll do my best to make my own luck, so to speak. But I also don't want to be too communicative about it -- If you bullhorn a "look at me" post, it's going to attract some attention, both positive and negative. I personally like congratulating people on their personal successes, but I guess there are wackos out there who think differently.

I, personally, don't believe the post or this individual got you fired. I bet both of those were building blocks to the end. You said it yourself..."My employer never liked me doing RE deals as it was. Whether a tenant would drop by their rent check or he knew I was flipping a house, he wanted me to be 100% owned by him." Well, lets look at what is probable from that statement -- you spent time at your W2 likely talking about hobbies/interests not related to your W2. And then you were conducting business for your non-W2 at your W2. That alone would most certainly get most of us here dropped like a bad habit, or at least reprimanded.

Its entirely possible, Todd, that your manager is just a jealous, petty person. There's plenty of those out there. But I've got to be honest, if I ran a business and paid you to be an employee, and you were conducting your own business during business hours at my place of business, right in front of the manager...I mean...put yourself in his shoes for a minute. I'm paying you to do a job for me, and you're spending time doing something else. Maybe this only happened once, but once is enough to cast doubt for most managers. I don't agree you should have been fired, but I'm also not the owner of that business in what I assume is an at-will employment state. If you run your own business in an at-will employment state, then its up to you to decide how to conduct your business.

I'm also a bit taken aback, respectfully of course, that you commented about the pandemic and how it "caught you off guard". In the same breath, this pandemic which you see as a "challenge to happenings in your professional career", became a "tenants live free" mantra. Nope. Sorry. Not buying it, dude. Goes back to the world not being fair -- you lost your job in a pandemic and so have others. For you to approach it as a personal struggle for you, and a "taking advantage and living free" opportunity for a tenant...no. We're all in this boat together. Sounds a bit selfish on your part, frankly. You're not the only dude struggling. Food for thought.

I think one of the more interesting lessons I've learned in my career is that while its entirely possible external forces impact you negatively, you should be the owner (and ultimately, the responsible party) for what happens to you. You are the ONLY person watching your six. That's a fact, especially in our professional lives. You could be better, faster, stronger, smarter than your manager ($20 says you are, no doubt) and yet, you're the one with the short end of the stick in this particular situation.

You seem like a smart, ambitious guy, and I'm glad you found another job and were hopefully not seriously impacted. Chances are you'll look back on this moment as a blessing in disguise, as others have indicated, where your manager did you a favor cutting you loose. But common sense would dictate you shouldn't have tenants coming by the job to pay you rent, you shouldn't be performing RE work while you're at your W2 (or at least hide it better...use your personal phone/tablet and don't connect to company servers), and always check who you talk non-shop with.

Good luck on your new job...coming right up on the 5th!

Originally posted by @Todd Powell :

5 months ago I posted about creating $7000 of additional cash flow in a 4 year period and I also mentioned wanting to hang up my high paying W2 job. Further, a month later I posted about Oregon rental laws in March due to COVID and our Governor announcing an eviction freeze and someone literally stalked me from the east coast and emailed me, sent me a facebook message and threatened me and contacted my employer. For real!! My employer never liked me doing RE deals as it was. Whether a tenant would drop by their rent check or he knew I was flipping a house, he wanted me to be 100% owned by him. This crazy woman did in fact get ahold of him and sent my BP post and she emailed me stating she hated landlords, and she even had a FB page against “Evil landlords during Corona” or something to that nature. In the end, the last 4 months have been strange as I cannot tell you the day it is, but I have kept busy with two house flips, and looking at buying a 3rd. These are strange times, but always remember that what you write remains public and there is no deleting BP posts. In my case, although painful the first week, it ended well for me and I was prepared. The tough part is I never saw a pandemic where government would shut down businesses and colleges, etc and let tenants live rent free. So, I am taking a wonderful new W2 beginning Aug 5th. I hope we all get through this but wanted to share my journey.

 That's why in Europe we are concerned about privacy on the Internet, and there are data protection laws and there is a focus on privacy. This means Facebook, Google, Amazon and the rest of the technological companies should be subject to more strict regulations.

This is why many of us don't put our full last name on here. There are a lot of crazy lunatics out there who think housing is a right, yet don't want to build their own house.

Funny story, I had something similar happen. 

Was interviewed on BP podcast in 2014. Someone sent it to my employer, I'm not sure why. I was a full time sales rep for a very large corporation. Apparently they did an internal review and determined in California I could not be fired as it was not a conflict of interest. I had co-workers with side gigs like a musician and landscaper.

I eventually quit a few months after their discovery for personal reasons, I was ready to go full time, not knowing they knew or that I had been part of an HR investigation. 

I imagine most states have similar rules for termination, but I was still doing a pretty good job at my corporate gig so perhaps that had a factor into it. But this story seems odd. 

@Julie Marquez I was in the car biz for 31 years, right out of college. Wonderful to me for 25 years in management, but no love loss now. This new position is created title called, Business Development Manager. I will follow up new and past customers, and seeking jobs from $500 to $50 million plus. They want to grow into a $200 million company a year and have a great reputation locally for decades. I am looking forward to the new challenges and based out of Corvallis, Or.

@Joe P. Thanks for the input. I agree with many points you made. First off, I WAS the manager and did report to the owner directly. I also had all positive reviews and was never told of any issues. It was a small dealership where many had “free” or “down” time in commission sales. There were moments where I did take a call, but I was not hourly or salary guy. Its a small town of 50k and I have lived there 53 years and when tenants ask me where I worked, I probably should have not told them. Only a handful would ever show up, but it was ackward a few times. When I mentioned I was caught off due to the pandemic I was not trying to make my situation seem more important than others, so I think you misunderstood there. What I was trying to convey is, that it changed my plans of leaving my W2 a couple years earlier, and the fact that some may not pay rent. That was also the subject in which I was addressing when someone tried calling out my post due to eviction theories. Some are and were jealous and when you have 8 salesman and two owners you get closer than you want. A BP post some could assume I was in a big corporation and reported to managers, which I did not. It was hard to walk away from $175k a year, a free demo and insurance, but I am glad it happened. I also to people in sowing and reaping. I think you had some good insights on my situations and probably some misunderstandings. In the end, thank you for you comments. Cheers !

@Tim G. Wow, thanks for sharing! I am sure it was obvious for awhile of my RE interest, coupled with struggling car business and profits, and then COVID hit. But, the woman who campaigned against me hated landlords and any type of perceived success story. I was not commented on BP to brag, but to encourage and also solicit opinions of what time frame I should leave my job. So, when my owner could see that, it made it easy to part ways. I used the term "fired" but it was really laid off, and we departed ways on wonderful terms. Good news, I made it real clear of my rentals and flips, and the CEO and President said they loved it. I am my own boss and I am tied to my production and sales levels. They made it easy to say yes, and Aug 5th I begin and they have a brand new 2020 Ford F150 waiting for me. Its a wonderful company and something real estate related, so I am really for the challenge. That FM hater did me a favor, but it did teach me a lesson about what we post can come back and cause trouble, no matter how positive of your intentions. I have zero regrets and have seen many people targeted with hate recently via social media. Luckily, I dont talk politics and religion, just real estate! Ha

I am surprised you allowed your tenants to bring you checks to your workplace. I would expect most workplaces to be intolerant of working on your side hustle on their time. Good luck at your new job!

@Sharvita H. You are spot on. I goggles my name and city and the first item is BP and second is Facebook and within mere seconds you know where I work and the phone number. Kind of scary.

@Todd Powell No doubt I am late to this party...Todd I read your original post...You should feel fortunate like they did you a favor.  We build make a living working for someone else but we design a life building our own dream.   Go get um...Let me know if you have any questions I can help with...just reach out... Mike

@Mike Morawski thanks Mike! I think my original post 5 months ago I was searching for people to give me the push to quit my job. That is where my heart was. In the end, COVID helped this process along. My rentals are in my place, but I never saw the potential of government shutting down businesses and colleges, which my I built my rentals around. In the end, I was just burned out on 31 years in the car biz, working Saturdays, and having a double standard in trying to achieve goals for my owner. Specifically, it was stated that we needed more income in my department but at the same time hearing I was making too much per customer. Always a moving target and a owner that did not know what verbal validation looked like. I am excited to begin a chapter of life !


Hope your 2 flips are going well and your 3rd is a success. How is the new w2 job?

It is an interesting time where many of the boomers who are CEO's/Presidents of companies are NOW (maybe in the last 1-3 years) finally figuring out technology and able to research their employees activities online. Us millennials are probably the most guilty having been in our professional careers now for about 5-15 years+ and used to those dinosaur bosses not able to figure out how to send an attachment on an email let alone research their social media pages. We have gotten comfortable with posting on these sites without fear of employers eyes finding them. 

Thanks for your story and I am sorry to hear it had to end so unceremoniously. Good luck to you!