BP post got me fired!

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5 months ago I posted about creating $7000 of additional cash flow in a 4 year period and I also mentioned wanting to hang up my high paying W2 job. Further, a month later I posted about Oregon rental laws in March due to COVID and our Governor announcing an eviction freeze and someone literally stalked me from the east coast and emailed me, sent me a facebook message and threatened me and contacted my employer. For real!! My employer never liked me doing RE deals as it was. Whether a tenant would drop by their rent check or he knew I was flipping a house, he wanted me to be 100% owned by him. This crazy woman did in fact get ahold of him and sent my BP post and she emailed me stating she hated landlords, and she even had a FB page against “Evil landlords during Corona” or something to that nature. In the end, the last 4 months have been strange as I cannot tell you the day it is, but I have kept busy with two house flips, and looking at buying a 3rd. These are strange times, but always remember that what you write remains public and there is no deleting BP posts. In my case, although painful the first week, it ended well for me and I was prepared. The tough part is I never saw a pandemic where government would shut down businesses and colleges, etc and let tenants live rent free. So, I am taking a wonderful new W2 beginning Aug 5th. I hope we all get through this but wanted to share my journey.

That was my concern with joining and also posting. Anything you post can be revealed in a simple Google search too. People can find out so much about you on here. Even when just your name is Googled, and target you based on what they see out of envy and/or jealousy.  

That is why many don’t use their full name or picture on BP. I for one have struggled with posting a picture with a suit and tie to show that I can look sharp and professional. There is so much envy in our world that bragging in a public form can produce enemies.  Bragging in general is a double edged sword. 

We live in sad times. People are becoming more afraid to express their true opinions. Say the wrong thing and the Twitter mob will attack you and try to destroy your life. I am hoping we have enough posters on here that are immune to the attacks of these extremists and are willing to stand up to them. If not, it will only get worse. It just amazes me that employers can fire workers just for what they may have posted on the internet. I wonder if there are grounds for a wrongful dismissal suit. We need a few high profile suits that might make employers think twice before going down that road. 

Honestly, what one does outside of his/her job is no one else's business! (Especially not your employers!) We all still deserve better privacy these days. No employer should think or try to "own" you, or you are better off not working there anyway. I would track that crazy lady down and do anything you can to her - defamation that led to your job loss, a civil suit, no way would she get away with that with me. I've fought wrong do-ers my entire life and won every time - because if you let them get away with it you're telling them it's okay to ruin people's lives. She had no business getting into YOUR business - her life must be so meaningless she had to destroy yours to feel better. 

@Todd Powell Thanks Crazy, but hopefully you'll be happier at your new W2 job. I recently had a Facebook stalker. I posted a fun quiz in a women's investment group to determine what REI strategy is right for you (kinda like the quizzes in magazines where you say yes or no and it takes you down various paths).

This guy in there goes crazy and starts posting all this stuff about the governors and corruption, riots & looting. I have no idea what that has to do with women or investing. He then starts sending me hate messenger messages. I had to block him to stop it.

Some people have too much time on there hands and hate in their hearts. Onwards & Upwards!

I'm glad you were able to find a new job and make the most of it.  Would your boss firing you be a wrongful dismissal since you were doing your job and the other stuff was your personal life (and totally legal)?  The only part he could complain about was people dropping off rent cheques at work or if you were managing your flips from work (not during breaks).

Never apologize for being you! It's more fun if you do some research and get facts and figures to back up what you say too! I am WAY done with the reading posts and passing them along just because the post fits my thinking at the time.

Love the boss does not like you. You are either incompetent, or you threaten him. Not the best boss to have, if he has a power issue either. I feel you may be better for this.

Yes, it is common knowledge that what you send for others to read, will be read by someone that will use it against you. I learned that many years before we can personal computers.

Keep your businesses separate. During a real estate meeting you don't call someone about a side job, and at the side job, you don't ask RE clients to see or even call you at your side job.

My sister just got a job at a TOP Insurance provider. Her last job had no issues with using a personal phone on the job, as long as things got done on time. THIS job gives you one warning and you are done! There was a reason, and this office policy worked to fix an issue! FB will be there when you get off from work, REALLY!

Good luck with the new job!

What was your bosses rationale for firing you? There is nothing offensive in that post. 

good luck on your new gig..  owner occ resales and new builds are still red hot in Oregon..  I realize this is a landlord focused site.. but I suspect your flips will do well..

AS many many others have stated these over the top new landlord laws are going to have the complete opposite effect on those that are marginal tenants.. unless they are lucky they are destined to live in the worse places possible were people will take a risk.

@Russell Brazil did you look it up from 5 months ago? I detailed all that I had done in a 4 year period and he felt it must have taken have taken some of my time and effort from work. Years ago they hoped I would quit flipping some properties, so I kept it more quiet. My job was a sales manager in a auto dealership and their mindset was I needed every brain cell to be devoted to them. Sadly, I wanted something better and an exit strategy. I agree that my post was not bad, but nor was my comments regarding the rent strikes or my level of eviction desire, but someone took something I stated out of context. She was a Antifa type liberal who wanted to cause problems. I saw someone get fired in Beaverton at Damerow Ford months ago for his fb racist pro trump remarks. The community came forward and pressured his employer and he got fired. In my case, I regretted nothing I had posted. Be aware, its a PC world and some topics such as being a landlord can get you in trouble! It happened

@Jay Hinrichs thank you! I am truly excited about my new position, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, at a large construction company. I will be working to secure jobs ranging from $500k to $50 million. This company created the position and made me a generous offer. It’s interesting to me and something new after 31 years of the same mundane position I had prior. And, the best part, they bought me a new Ford truck, gave me wonderful benefits, and said “we dont care that you have rentals and do flips.” The CEO was like “do you want me to put $500k so we can partner on some?” Seems like a dream already huh?

@Todd Powell

Too many employers care about short term gains at the cost of long term gains. I don’t know how much it will cost them to replace you, but it’s unlikely to be cheap.

@Joe S. Bragging was not my intention but I can see clearly how it could have taken that way. I wanted feedback from others when you jump off that cliff and also wanted to encourage what hard work can do. But, PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

@Dennis Cosgrave you are absolutely correct. Its hard on social media to give your true opinions as you may have back lash from anyone out there wanting to kick dust. Watching people on facebook argue politics and religion, does anyone really change their mind or just create enemies?

@Andrea Weule I am sorry about your FB stalker. These are strange times as of late. I am happy about moving on but it was not in two years like was my plan. COVID kind of also changed my timeline. I think just getting a new position has invigorated and energized me! Thank you for your kind words.

@Theresa Harris my sales people could take a personal call, but if I did they all assumed it was real estate. In a 100% commission job it was different than punching a clock. In the end, I am sure that I did take some focus away but it was minimal and my output always exceeded expectations. The truth is COVID made my owner want to sell his business and his own son said “my dad is not thinking clearly and is panicked.” He is 80 years old and this virus shut down and constraints on business was overwhelming back in March

@Daniel Smyth you nailed it, he felt threatened. I was an overachiever even in his business and he got mad my gross profit was too high. Yes, you heard that one right. Old guy that still thought decades past and could not adapt or change. It was like beating my head against the wall EVERYDAY!

@Todd Powell I’m sorry to hear that man. It’s such BS in this climate we’re in where people will literally trip over themselves in an attempt to destroy others. Presumably just because you fit into a “camp” that she apparently despises.

The reality is, we should all be using handles or fake names on this site. There's a reason Oscar Wilde's quote "give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth" survives the ages. 

As far as employers, they want slaves. 

You should look into seeing if there is any legal action you can take against you former employer. Probably a long shot, but if there is something actionable, stick it to them.