Driving for $$$ Day 5

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@Simon W. Usually at an event of networking but this is not an option cause of the pandemic. But there are groups on Facebook, there's bigger pockets, and usually you can get referrals from people who are investors. But if its a damn good deal, the buyers will find their way to you.

I've done over 10+ wholesale deals and by the time I start doing what you suggested, I would've lost out because of timing. I used to host Meetup events and not everyone that goes there are going to buy even if you have a great deal.

Just curious, how many wholesale deals have you done so far? I stopped doing it because I am focused on my two businesses.

My  personal Opinion and this is how I personally do it , I first reach out to the cash investors in the area I am targeting  and develop a relationship first Ahead of time ..  I tell them what I do ( not pitch)  I am also a license Realtor as well , but Specialize on On investment prop , I dont assign I double close .  and then I wait until the investor ask me if I have something for then I put them in Queue until I get the opportunity with their criteria..  ( no blast)   Or try to partner with them on a flip , (but all after developing a relation)


@George Munoz that works because you can close, assuming you have the money to do so, just in case there is no one in queue for the double close. Majority of the wholesalers here don't have anything to close so they must assign. That's the problem that no one likes to talk about when they read or listen to podcast about wholesaling. 

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Just curious, you have 75 leads from the behind your apartment complex. That means 75 properties are pretty much abandoned, that's not a good sign.

Considering you only started wholesaling process this week, why would you want to invest in a $49/month program? It's basically just pulling information from tax assessors that you can find at the county website. Or you might be on the 14-day trial.

I saw your profile and saw that you made $100k in equity and already house hacking, why not continue doing that?

Wholesaling is for people who don't really have money to invest to get their feet wet. 

Do you have 100 buyers lined up in case you got a wholesale deal? 

 I understand what you are saying and I think you are right, but I think you develop this skill of looking on the record with knowledge and time and with that you become more efficient . I think for him at the beginning is good to get the app, because everything is right there with the push of a few clicks.