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I ran across this website connected investors and I was wondering if anyone has use the site and how accurate is it. We are new to real estate and just trying new ways to locate properties. Please share your thoughts about this site and possibly if there is another site you might recommend.


Not to many giving up good deal on this site, but the knowledge of the members on other subjects are very valuable.    I am not a paying member and have ton's of connections and work and have been on here less than a year!

If you have a question or concern on Real Estate here most answers will be answered several times.

Finding properties is Key to everyone right now.

I have always had at least one great Real Estate agent and a couple great wholesalers in my pocket at all times.

Good luck

Hello Nicki, there are multiple resources I have found useful here. If you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the discussion forums you will notice how much of a wealth of knowledge there is here. I regularly get responses from very experienced investors that has saved a lot of time and money in the field and has accelerated my growth. The blogs are pretty neat too but I don't spend much time there. 

All the best!

@Nicki Shelton -I haven't found much deals on this site. But the connections and knowledge is great. In fact I was banned for few days for asking if anyone has any deals they can share and I can take a look (heads up). I mainly use this site to connect with other investors, learn from them & assist others from my end on running numbers for deal analysis. I have found going to local networking events are far more valuable.