Best Real Estate News Sources

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Which websites, newspapers, or recently published books are best when trying to do research for real estate investing? Currently, I do not think my reading of the Wall Street Journal is cutting it. I am trying to make an educated first multifamily home purchase by the end of the year

Hey @Bill Conlan ! You're already in the right place. Between the forums and the blog articles, I think this website is the best place to gain some REI knowledge. Start listening to the podcast too; wealth of knowledge can be gained there also. I didn't know a thing about REI 3 years ago (and still arguably don't), but spending time here got me to the point of jumping into the game. Good luck!

I don’t think there is any.  A lot of the headline stuff is click bait.  Find good realtors in your market the can tell all about the current trends etc.  I think more then ever real estate people seem informed and opinionated about the economy.  I think right now the big debate is what will happen to the value of the dollar if you think it will lose value in a dramatic way you inclined to buy real estate with borrowed money that will decrease in value.  While it will take more and more dollars to buy your real estate.  

Hate to say it but a lot of it comes down to not the market but your take on what the fed etc will do.

@Bill Conlan if you are looking for info in one of the top 50 metros, I like the Business Journals. In Austin we have the Austin Business Journal and you can find the same publication in most major metros. It's a great way to see what commercial developments, new companies, and major regulation are impacting each city. 

Marcus & Millichap and IRR is great for past performance reports and future predictions in the commercial sector. I also follow Zillow, realtors, and other websites for market trends and insights

@Bill Conlan I read all kinda stuff. BP  is a great source. Read local publications and keep up with the news. I Iike the real deal. I read university research. In the south, Texas a&m real estate center is the best,imo. Census Data and info.   Anything Sam Zell. "Buy and hold forever" by my late friend David Schumacher, RIP. Most importantly, get to know a good friendly realtor that specializes in investment property and take him or her out to lunch. 

I think since real estate is so local and you mentioned multifamily which is highly affected by what's going on in your local economy, reading the local business journals is the best way to gauge the real estate and rental trends. For example here in Tampa, FL I generally browse through Tampa Bay business Journal, Florida Trend, Business Observer etc.. I am sure there will be similar publications in your area ---- check out your local library. 

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In several areas of the country this is a publication called Business Journal.... for example Dallas Business Journal.  I find they have great economic and business news about the location...who's moving, who's expanding, new developments, etc.  They have online subscription too.  Probably makes sense to subscribe to the area where you have interest if they are in that market.

They also publish in that journal lots of 100 small businesses, top employers, top educational institutions and on and on...throughout the year, then put it altogether in a big newspaper type book at the end of the year.

If you are going to buy/invest in Texas I would also look at publications from the Texas Real Estate Center at Texas A&M.  Awesome info on a variety of topics.  I would wish this on any other state, but many places probably not big enough to support the research.

As others have mentioned, your local business journal is a fabulous to stay up to date with what's happening in your area. It'll range from residential RE, commercial RE, business, community, et cetera. On top of that, look to see if there is a local RE podcast that focuses on your market. For national RE trends, I listen to Real Estate New For Investors by Kathy Fettke. Was recommended to me by a fellow BP member and is a great 5 minute update on important RE news on a national level. 

Hello Bill Conlan, your question was for Real Estate Investing Research. I think the quickest source are Nick's youtube videos. I trade Futures on my laptop and everything he presents is with Graphs and Charts that show you the Data at a glance with simple explanations. The next thing is to learn how to use the Searches for each town and city that you are interested in. Don't just look at Houses and just one Price...look at Townhomes and Condos and Manufactured and Land etc. etc. to get the overall picture of what is available. You may find, like here in Tampa, Florida that there aren't many single family houses that would produce 1% if you had to Rent.