Inherited a property (6 units - 3 separate buildings that consist of a triplex, duplex & SFH) a few months back and we're currently renovating the property. We inherited 3 "tenants." We basically did cash for keys for 2 of the tenants although there were no "keys" - the place was boarded up soon thereafter. The 3rd "tenant" said they were looking for a place and when they did, they would take the cash and move.

Fast forward, they’re still there. Our lawyer said let’s try to take them to squatter court and of course, they got a pro bono lawyer to defend them. They claimed that if they get evicted, the wife, husband and 5 kids would be homeless as they have no place to go (mind you, we THINK this is a 2 bedroom unit - they haven’t allowed us access to the unit). Needless to say, the case got dismissed because they were “paying” tenants in the past since they provided a lease from 2017.

Now, DYFS is involved. They already took one kid away from them. Still haven’t been able to get inside, but to be honest, we haven’t really tried that hard since the first time we asked. Our lawyer then wrote up a month to month lease to provide for them. It’s an increase from their previous lease, but clearly identifies and pinpoints aspects of the lease that they are breaking. They just called saying they have the money and want to meet up to go over the lease and pay the rent so they aren’t late.

So based on this and say they continue to pay us, on what grounds do we have to evict? Any? Because they broke the lease of smoking in the unit (hard to prove) and that they have animals in the unit (is that enough)?

Just a reminder.. We are in NEW JERSEY. Pretend like this is January 1 (when the COVID moratorium expires).