Can't Screen Tenant . . .What to do?

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Hi Everyone,

My tenant's son just moved into the property with her. I have been unable to screen and process this new tenant. He is 19 years old. I have tried using Cozy to screen him, but the platform cannot verify his identity due to no credit history.

I also tried SmartMove and ran into the same issue. 

How do you do a proper background check and eviction record check on a tenant in this situation?

Thanks all.

Hi @Dalyn Hazell ,

I'd recommend checking out the other screening companies listed here on BP that offer more than instant reports. If you go to the Tools tab and click Property Management, you will be brought to a page of recommend screening/property management companies. If you know that your applicant has no credit then there is really no point in pulling a credit check, so I would recommend a screening that is simplified to background information (criminal, evictions, address history, etc.) 

Well, listen the kid is only 19. If he has never rented in the past, and he has never been arrested for anything, starting out with his credit, your not going to find much or anything on on him, he hasn't been has never been in the system....if possible you ask for a larger security deposit, and explain to due to his newly acquired standings your requesting more security, and explain that if he rents longer than his lease, you will return the extra deposit, as long as he is in good standings. 

If he has no credit and no criminal record then all you need to consider is whether or not you should ask for more rent (variables include the size of the rental and whether or not you pay for any utilities). 

I'm assuming the kids' parent passed your credit and background check so there's really no need to look for a potential eviction on the kid. Your only real concern is whether or not he has a criminal record. 

Is he in college and still being claimed as a dependent on a parent's tax return? If so, stop.

If not, why are you really concerned? Rents already being paid by current tenant/parent. Appears you may be following procedures but forgetting common sense.

Check your state docket files online for past criminal offenses and check his Facebook it’s shocking what can be found on social media these days you can know what a person is typically like by their profiles