Section 8- getting tenants?

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We just decided to list a property with section 8… Our Housing Authority has a website that links us to something called go section 8…

But I wanted to ask you what is the best way to get section 8 tenants?

There’s a part of me that feels like placing a sign at the property is the best way, but I’m not sure…


Do most of your tenants cover all of the rent with section 8?

I don't do section 8 but those I know who do advertise as they would otherwise and  say they accept section 8.  Go section 8 is also a source. Screen the same as if no section 8.  Search on the forums for info on section 8. There are a people who just do section 8 and are very happy with getting that money back from the government.  Most tenants receiving section 8 pay only a small part of their rent.

You would post your property anywhere you'd normally advertise, plus Put in the listing description (that will be displayed on Zillow or wherever you market) that Section 8 voucher holders are welcome to apply.

People won't be able to tell you what to expect as far as what part of the total rent is subsidized - it is an individual determination based on each voucher holder's specific situation and income. One person's experience will have nothing to do with yours.

Be wary of posting signs at properties - in rougher neighborhoods, this is just a big invitation to burglars that says "HEY! THIS PROPERTY IS VACANT AND UNATTENDED!" - a great way to get your furnace, hot water tank, appliances stolen.