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@Michael Heredia I’ve used Cozy for years to collect rent. Is there something in particular about the merger that’s causing you to consider not using them anymore?

I hadn’t really thought much about it, but after reading your post I looked into it a little more. Looks like they already merged with CoStar back in 2018, and according to this link CoStar is the company behind

The other thing I saw mentioned is that with the merger they’ll be providing faster payments to landlords, which is great because right now that’s probably one of the biggest (only?) complaints with collecting rent via Cozy. 

Curious if you had other concerns that perhaps I wasn’t thinking of?

@Kyle J. My understanding is a migration will occur in 2021. Meaning we will need to start using moving forward. I may be wrong. But I would not like to be sending tenants to, full of ads and other properties.

@Kyle J. This is what I’m referring to

Do I need to do anything with my Cozy account right now?

Cozy accounts will still look and function the same on You can continue to use all of our services uninterrupted until your account is ready to transition to Once your account is ready, we’ll let you know in advance and will be with you every step of the way.

@Michael Heredia Yeah, that’s the same info/link I included in my previous post.

My point was just that they already merged with CoStar a couple years ago, and now it seems as if they’re just furthering the merger by joining forces with (which is associated with CoStar according to the info at that link). 

Anyway, I’m hoping it will be a seemless transition. The info at that link says our accounts will “automatically transition” and “Nothing manual is needed to be done on your end.” 

So hopefully this will be an improvement. I’m already pretty happy with their service, but the one thing that I think could use some improvement is the speed of the money transfer and it it looks like they’ll be addressing that. 

Just got off the phone with them. My property was rejected on their site because I am abroad. Im stationed with work overseas even as a US citizen and house residing inside the US they said the website would reject my edits or ability to use any of their services. I live in an area where many US expats and service people live and it seems odd that they would reject anyone one from accessing overseas. 

I asked them what about if a person goes on vacation overseas and needs to check on their account? They said the site would also cause them problems. I politely told them that if they are trying to offer flexibility and ease of use, this seem counter to their entire existence. 

Stay away.