What's your best Tax Playbook suggestion for a newbie?

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We often hear that Tax benefits as an advantage compared to other forms of Investments. I am starting out with an SFH and a Townhome. I am looking to educate myself with tax deductions/strategies and leverage the ones applicable to me for maximum returns on my REIs. Can you suggest a comprehensive starting point for me? It can be a book or a blog or any other source. Thanks in advance!

I'd consult a CPA for this, and not rely on any books as things in the tax world are ever evolving. Whether you're making reference to an actual Tax Playbook as there are many or if you are using the term to describe any tax planning ideas.

A professional tax advisor can get you started on the right foot and they shouldn't charge very much and even if, it'd definitely be worth it.

Hope this helps! 

Tax free wealth and the biggerpockets are good starting points. I'd reach out to a tax advisor though for your specific situation