Zillow Rental manager for Self Managing 10> units

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anyone uses Zillow rental Manager or any other Prop Mgmt software for Self managing OOS or Local Properties?

noticed only thing that Zillow does not have is Coordinating Repairs & Maintenance or add handyman details to the platform for effective communications between tenant and local handyman.

@Mallikarjun Reddy Pateel thanks for the question...curious to see some responses.

My prediction with these virtual management companies is they evolve to control the industry, or fail miserably and take all their clients out of the investment industry when they fail...they are reactive management, and that is recipe for disaster...who is walking the property every quarter to make sure the gutters are not clogged and backing up into the basement, destroying the foundation...or interviewing tenants, and keeping rental increases regular...are they actually addressing tenant needs? I still have a lot of questions about virtual management...

@Brandon Sturgill you brought some really Important points that I did not think before. using having Move in/ Move out checklist helps

but to address tenant needs we personally want our tenants to be happy so will communicate with them on that. just discovered Buildium, looks this Platform is solid and far better than Zillow RM. it has a feature to add local handyman, Repairs ticket, status track, Community wall to notify all tenants and much more. i will see if anyone had any success stories using these Platforms. 

Keep in mind when using Zillow you are funding a company that is actively trying to put you out of business.  We don't use it but Property Meld handles maintenance.  Might be a good addon to other software you are looking at that doesn't offer maintenance 

Zillow or Apartments.com may only allow you to list and collect rent as a consumer product for small landlords with maybe 1-3 units.  Business products that that scale to larger amounts are Buildium, Appfolio and ManageCasa especially for someone with less 50 units, since the entry price is pretty low and they include maintenance management.