Is anyone part of the Ontario Landlord Association?

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Anyone here a member of the Ontario Landlord Association? Is it worthwhile?

I am,

I registed more in order to do credit checks for 10$ and I can report tenant payments/non payments on their credit in a monthly basis.

I can't say if it is really worth it more than others...

For counseling you can always request and support other associations like the Landlod Self Help Centre.

Ha! That was my thinking too. $99 doesn't seem like a bad deal with all the tenants I'm dealing with.

Hi @Ming Lim is $99 per year or monthly? Any other benefits you guys have experienced with being a member?

I came across this old thread while researching to join the Ontario Landlord Association.

I thought about joining because I see that they have a forum and hoping that it will have valuable information for landlords.

$99 one time registration isn't much if it the forum is active with lots of landlords sharing information.  But then I see the fine print that says the beginner level doesn't include access to the forum.  The only membership level that give access to the forum is the expert membership level and that cost $500 per year!  It feels a bit too steep for a small landlord.

@Annabelle Lee

Their forum used to be public. It was literally the best source of information on landlording that I've ever found (Sorry BP, but it was all about Ontario's wacky ways).

Unfortunately, they locked down the public forum and nobody responded to my and my friend's emails. After 6 months of trying, we quit emailing.

It is a real shame because their forum was pure gold. I read 750 threads by landlords asking for help with problems specifically in Ontario. I learned a LOT about the LTB, RTA and general landlording best practices.

For the Rent-Check membership and discounts I joined London Property Managers Association. I was told they had a discussion group on LinkedIn, but after paying to join I found that the last post on the LinkedIn group was a 2 year old ad for a used vacuum. 

As sparse as Ontario information and discussion is here on BP, this appears to be the best public forum at the moment for landlords in Ontario.

I was a member when it was first formed but found they were pandering to the tenant advocate groups. I quickly lost respect for the owner. Ontario, being the most tenant friendly jurisdiction in North America excluding perhaps California, is a very difficult environment to operate in and a good forum would be an asset but the OLA when I left was fluff on tenant issues and useless in regards to investing knowledge and advice.

Some of the very best members at the time were being banned from the forum for challenging the administrators pro tenant policies. 

Recently my son joined and found the site to be particularly difficult to navigate and actually gave up trying to sign up with the tenant screening company.

I doubt it is a very serious landlord or investor platform at this time. More a Toronto good old boys club but I could be wrong since I no longer have anything to do with it and haven't for years.

For investing I would suggest REIN and for landlord tenant I would suggest you seek out a local landlord club.

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