Hello from Edmonton,AB

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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. 

I am a realtor here in Edmonton and have been investing in real estate here in the Edmonton area for about 5 years. Looking to find deals, meet people and maybe get into some joint ventures.

I'd like to connect with a) people investing in Canada and b) people who are successful in investing out of state and out of country. How are you guys making it work?

Looking forward to having some fun with the BP community and if anyone in the Edmonton area have any questions or need a hand in the real estate world, you know where to find me.

Quin K

@Quin Kroschinski

Welcome to BP!

There is lots of information and experience here of which you can avail yourself.  There is also a small, but growing, cadre of Canadians wandering these virtual halls.   Several of us invest in multiple provinces and in the U.S.A. as well.

Welcome to BP Quin!

I was reading a Moneysense article on the best places to invest in Canada the other day.

Edmonton and Calgary seem to be up near the top of the list every year. Hope you can take advantage!

Good luck on your ventures :)


Hey Quin,

Fellow edmontonian here. Good to see more locals getting on BP! There is also a great monthly real estate investors Meetup. Message me for a link if your interested. 



I've been to it a few times actually. What brings you to BP Jaden? 

Hi @Quin Kroschinski

Welcome to BP, nice to see fellow countrymen on the site.  I invest in Florida and recently Ohio, let me know if I can be of assistance.  

Welcome to BP Quin . I have been investing since 1965 and have been lucky enough to have been to all the Provinces except Newfy . In my hunting and fishing endeavors you country is quite diverse . 

The only problem I have is in BC , Alberta , and Saskatchewan I have had an interest in Purchasing a Hunting / Fishing / Lodge / Outfitting Business on a few occasions and now as my facing Retirement and wanting to again do such I have been told by 3 seperate RE Brokers that because I am NOT a Canadian Citizen that is NOT possible to do .

How does that affect my ability to Invest in any Canadian Business such as SFH or Multi's ?

@Bob Baldwin

In general, there are no restrictions on foreigners purchasing real estate.  Islands (such as PEI) and perhaps certain areas in other provinces may have restrictions - in the case of PEI, restrictions on agricultural land ownership apply to Canadians not resident to PEI as well.

When it comes to a guide or outfitting business, I would suspect the restrictions to be around ownership of any charter or guiding licence.

Now, if you want to buy an apartment complex in downtown Vancouver, the only restriction will be the size of your wallet ;-)

Hi Quin,

My family is from Lethbridge AB. We are in the process of settling my moms estate which involves selling her 2 houses. One was a rental 2br/1ba and it sold for 120,000.00 in about a week. It was an older home and she was getting $800.00 per month. The other home is her residence and we have it listed for 259,900.00 We have had it on the market for 10 days and have had several showings. 

I spent my summers in Lethbridge and I just love that little city. The economy seems to be pretty good there according to my Realtor, dropping oil prices have not affected Lethbridge in the some way as other parts of AB. 

Hey Laura,

Property that far south in Alberta isn't as affected as the northern parts of Alberta that's for sure.  Why did you decided to sell instead of keep them and rent them out? 

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