Can you do wholesaling in Canada?

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@Michael Lee :

Hey, I'm about to start wholesaling in Canada but i'm struggling to find the Contract Assignment and Double Closing templets. Do you happen to have one or do you know where i can find them? Spent hours searching for them but still no luck! Please help me if you can!

Any realtor can get you a copy of the local assignment agreement.

Or... If you're in Ontario, then google something like: OREA assignment agreement download

I've never done a double close and haven't heard of people doing that in Canada.

Some great tips in this thread, thank you ALL!

I am looking to start wholesaling in the Greater Hamilton Area (Ontario). I believe there is a market for it, just make sure you set your business up first, learn your local laws & zonings, build your local power team, find some buyers, and find some properties!

Hi How does a wholesaler typically show what properties they are currently selling and are there and wholesalers who could refer me to their website? Also with the coming recession would it make more sense to try and find a property myself(using a wholesaler because I don’t have the time usually to find a property myself)?

Originally posted by @Jordan Han :

Don't have too much experience with wholesaling but would be interested to learn more as well!

I mostly focus on acquiring rental properties at the moment. It does seem like it should be possible, I am looking to test direct mailing in the future.

Hey Jordan, I know this is an old thread. Have you tested out direct mailing? Curious to brainstorm with you on the results. My background is in online marketing, I'm looking at online ways to do wholeselling.