Single family to a Duplex

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I have purchased a property in Hamilton ON as a single family and looking to convert to a duplex to satisfy a neighbors request and complaint to the city. Recently we got our permit to go forward with the duplex that has come with a few hurdles. They requested we: 1. Get fire curtains which apparently are very expensive and still not entirely sure what they are 2. Get a smoke alarm connected directly to the furnace 3. Get an auto closing fire rated door (which we have) with a peep hole separating the units. There is actually room for 4 units (3 of which are rented) in the house which we want to utilize and so my question is .. are these 3 above requests or any of them a bit ridiculous and necessary and is there any way around this? Any ideas or loopholes on whether I should 'move in' for a period of time? Any thoughts would be helpful

These are great questions! Wish I had a better response for you but you might want to reach out the file manager who is handling your permit and ask what's the reason for some of these items, sometimes the counter clerks have a check list and end up sending the applicant ( you) that list without considering what you actually need.  I am interested in seeing how this unfolds so hopefully we get some good responses from other members. 

Good luck!

@Paolo Di Donato - you mentioned conversion to a duplex but there's room for 4 units. Are you intending to convert to 4plex or just a duplex?

#1 and #2 are bit strange. I've never heard of these before. You may want to call them again and ask them the requirements. If they repeat #1 and #2, ask for details. 

I would call Andy Tran @ Suite Additions - he's an expert in duplex conversions. You can find him on his company Facebook page.