Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Lawyer Recommendation

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a mortgage broker and real estate lawyer in Toronto area. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thank you all in advance.

Hi Jessica, here are the folks I work with and recommend them - rest assured I don’t make a dime off this :)

Mortgage - Vine group - boutique firm with a focus on investors. They are presenting an intriguing new mortgage product with an interest-only component at a Meetup I’m a regular at in case you happen to be free. BP will not allow numbers and e-mails to be posted outside marketplace but you can check out Chris Darwiche at


Real Estate Lawyer - there’s a team and Shelley Himes, Senior Law Clerk can direct you to the appropriate contact.

They do mobile signing via iPad and it’s amazing - no more going to a lawyer’s office unless you want to! :)

Will follow as I am curious about other recommendations!

Hi Claude, 

That would be great if you can PM me the mortgage broker and real estate lawyer you recommend. Thank you for your help.

Originally posted by @Claude Boiron :

Hi @Jessica Wu, happy to PM you a quality pick mortgage agent and Real Estate lawyer if you're still looking.