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Sorry i forgot to add preferably from The greater horseshoe area in Ontario Canada. I think there may be quite a few differences between US and Canada in terms of how this all works. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong though, I don't mean to disregard good advice from anyone. 

@Jeremy Taggart Thanks for the prompt response! I'm still really new to this, investing and forums!

Hi Edward:  I am a Real Estate Broker and an Investor in Kitchener Waterloo, Barrie, Cambridge, Guelph & Burlington.  I can probably help you with any questions you have and can connect you as needed.  

Hey @Edward Rueca I've been helping a lot of people on Bigger Pockets on the mortgage side. I think the main thing is you want someone who is actively investing themselves vs. just "working with investors".

Would be happy to chat offline.