Canadian Accountants?? - discussion and recommendations?

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Hi all, i, like most of you (i hope!) want to limit the amount of tax they pay in real estate, and in life. 

I have complicated schedules, with accounts for RRSP contributions, stock cash trading accounts, a rental income property (including expenses for flights to buy said property, etc.)  and a bit of stored expense write-offs from far too much school. Since i plan on continuing to grow both my trading account and my real estate portfolio, aligning now with an accountant that can maximize my potential with appropriate tax shelter engineering is almost as important as my investments themselves. 

Since this doesn't necessarily rely on someone in the province(s) i own and plan to own in, im wondering if anyone has words of advice or recommendations? I have spoken to two thus far who have very different systems for tracking expenses throughout the year as well as costs associate with their services (800-900 for one and 1200-1300 for the other - though both depend on how organized the files are come tax time). The more expensive one seemed to have their stuff together a bit more...

Thanks y'all. 


Hi @Luc H. , I think I saw from another post that you’re on the North Shore. I have a couple friends who invest in real estate who highly recommend a West Van company that integrates the legal and accounting stuff to make it simple. I haven’t personally used them, as my co-investors and I just boot strap it at this point but have considered. DM me if you’re interested in their contact info or grabbing a coffee