Wholesalers in Nova Scotia

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Hello, I'm just curious if people are wholesaling here in Nova Scotia. 

also I'm wondering if in Canada we have access to information on people who have alot of equity and are absentee owners, for direct mailing purposes. 

trying to automate the process! 

this is kind of 3 questions but I'd be happy to learn about any or all this! 



@Paul Jollimore   Hi Paul:  With a business partner, I have done a bit of wholesaling in NS.  Is there anything in particular that you want to discuss?  I am not sure how to reach those absentee owners.  The wholesaling that we have done was when we found an off-market deal and then wholesaled it to another investor.

So I'm trying to  work on lead generation for off market deals. I'm aware of driving for dollars method but it is time consuming.

I suppose if their was a wholesaler who was already getting a good lead funnel through what ever means I would be very interested in learning about it and or potentially purchasing some of their contracts.

Im planning on starting a mailing campaign soon and am also interested in finding a company who could handle my yellow letters/post cards if you have any suggestions! 



Hi Paul - best to connect with @Hai Loc

He is a wholesaler in Ontario and may be willing to help you with some info.

Best Wishes!

@Paul Jollimore Hey Paul, myself along with a small group of investors in the Halifax area are actively wholesaling by acquiring properties off-market through a direct mail campaign. We've had quite a bit of success with this over the past year and are definitely looking to connect with anyone that may be interested in working together. 

Would be happy to talk with you further about this and help you connect with some of the others. Feel free to send me a message!