Alberta Investing (calgary?)

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Looking to potentially test the waters out in Alberta, specifically Calgary or Red-deer. as i also have a potential small business opportunity  out there. I would be looking into some type of pre-construction units as a place to park some money as investments for a couple years. 

what areas are up and coming and would be the best place to invest as i am not super familiar with all the pockets. . will rent out or air bnb once units are complete 

@Mike Armstrong hey there Mike, what I’m about to say is my personal opinion. There are some good mls deals in airdrie and good rents. I have 2 condos there. Just be careful about condo docs as most do not allow short term rentals. If you are content with Airbnb I would probably suggest downtown Calgary.

If out of town, I'd follow the normal rules of thumb. Stick close to Universities (UofC, SAIT, Mt.Royal, Ambrose) and transit, or other specific attractions/amenities. If you want new construction, perhaps look at the new University District condos. They are cool and desireable, good location and new. There are a few other new build buildings around the schools, but you'd have to look at them individually for condo rules etc. For older properties that could use work, there are lots of options. Depends on your strategy.