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I am wanting to become a real estate agent and was wondering is legit for me to get licensed in California? Is it the same as doing classes in school. I learn better on my own and at my own pace so I was just curious on that? Has anyone used it before thank you. Tyler

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If you want to get a California real estate license, go to a California real estate school. I know about real estate express as a competitor. If you want to learn about real estate all across America, they might be good. You want to learn about California real estate. Go to a local California real estate school.

Check out the school. Read their Google reviews. Call some local Realtors and ask to speak to the newest agent there. Ask him , who he recommends.

You don't need to learn stuff that is not on the California test. You don't need to know about "homestead". You don't have 'homestead ' in California. You need to know about "community property". You do have that in California. You will know about both if you go to a real estate school that specializes in all fifty states. Find yourself a good California real estate school.

@David c

Maybe the question on the California real estate exam would be something like this" If O J lost his home to creditors in California, would it be a good idea to move to a state where creditors can't take your homestead when they get a judgement against you?"

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Man, you can't beat FL for it's 100% homestead protection, and no state taxes either ... that's where I want to be when I retire!

CA's homestead is much less, it is: Homestead protection for single people is $50,000. For a husband and wife the protection is $75,000. And, for homeowners who are over 65, disabled or low-income earners over 55, the protection totals $100,000.

In my state, the coursework could not be done on line.

Real Estate Express was still recommended for their exam prep which consisted of a series of on line exams to practice. This was the best $69 I have ever spent. The exams offered questions that were likely to be on the actual test and once complete, you'd see what you got wrong along with explanations. After retesting, first the wrong ones only, then the entire exam, time to move on to the next one.

The actual exam was 4 hours, and I walked out after 45 minutes with my license. I've heard people talk about how difficult the exam is. The study prep from RE Express made the test itself feel redundant, like I'd already seen every question.