Reviews on Mike Butler's Tenant Tracking software?

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I am a new landlord and I need to get organized. I have read Mike Butler's book Landlording on Auto-Pilot (awesome read btw) and I was wondering if anyone is using his Tenant Tracking software. It is relatively expensive (nearly $1000) so I wanted to make sure that the system actually works before I invest the money in it. I am still unclear if QuickBooks Pro is or is not included in the price.

Aside from the accounting aspect of being a landlord, I would love some organizational advice from all you seasoned landlords out there.


I will sell you my system for $950

Accountants and investors love it!

Its on sale before April 15 for $895 but I haven't been able to find any reviews from other investors so I am hesitant to spend the money on it.

Hello Sandy,

Sorry I'm so late getting back to you - just discovered your question.

I've been using Tenant Tracker and Investor Books made EZ since 2008. They eliminated face-to-face rent collection (and chasing!) and freed up a lot of time. They, and they should be used as a pair, allow you to track incomes and expenses. That in turn gives you a better handle on ways to improve both. 

To me it has been well worth the money.

@Tammi Deville

I never got the software.  I recently started offering my tenants (who all were paying via checks) eRentPayment.  100% converted.  I love it because their payments get ACH'd into my checking account and it has a built in late fee system that you customize to your lease agreement.  It keeps me from being the bad guy and charging late fees because the system does it automatically.  It also has a place where tenants can submit a maintenance request and the request can go directly to the landlord or to your maintenance person via email.  You can pass the cost of the service onto your tenants or I believe it is $3 per payment submitted or $10/month for up to 5 payments then something like $1 for all payments after 5.  It has a good interface for landlords as well as tenants.  Has reasonable customer support also and is one of the most reasonable in price for what it does.  (Cozy is free but very limited in its functionality and no customer support with the exception of via email)

I know it probably doesn't do all that tenant fracker does but it does take the issues out of getting paid which was the biggest hassle in my opinion. 

@Sandy Uhlmann - Thanks for the update!  I'll be reviewing PM software in the coming weeks, I'll add this one to my list.  Thank you!

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I use Tenant Cloud and enjoy it very much.  It is free up to 75 units and has a great interface.  I would check it out.  They have a great app too for mobile data entry.  Good Luck!

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