Property Management Recommendation at Charlotte NC/Fort Mill SC

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Hi everyone, does anyone have recommendation on property management companies in Charlotte NC or Fort Mill SC area? I searched online but those reviews are not that helpful. Any help is appreciated.

Disclosure: just an opinion. I don't get paid by them beside my rent owed to me.

I've been using MW Properties. They're pretty good so far. I've been using them for a couple years now.

Does anyone have experiences with Charlotte Investment Homes ( Want to find out how good their property management service is.

Dear Johnny,

Hope it's not too,late,to warm you away from Mark Walters and MW Properties,of Charlotte.. I am an absentee owner of a property in South East Charlotte, North Carolina. The property is a residence located off Carmel Road and Johnson Blvd. I have had horrible experience with MW Properties as recently as late 2014. Mark Walters recommended that I have my house re roofed using a contractor he had used for years and really felt was reliable, honest and thorough. I was hesitant because roofers especially around any large city can be very sketchy. I expressed my reluctance to Walters who assured me that the contractor he was recommending was someone he knew well and was reputable. He assured me he would get a guarantee from him and a guaranteed price. Two months later the roofing job was done, Walters was very impatient to be paid immediately and when I expressed dissatisfaction with the job he assured me if there were problems the contractor would fix them and I needed to send an additional $450. on top of the contract price to cover extra add ons that were not part of the contract price . This was for unseen damage to the roof sheathing. Unfortunately , I Paid him what he insisted on before the contractor addressed my concerns. Three weeks later my worst fears were realized. The new roof leaked water into the dining room ruining the dining room wood floor. The tenant occupying the house was extremely upset. My home owners policy would not cover the damage as it was the roofers fault. The roofing contractor Walters had insisted was so reliable would not even visit the property to view the damage or fix his mistakes. The subsequent damages to the interior of the house were thousands of additional Dollars. The roof had to be repaired and through it all Mark Walters and MW Properties claimed no responsibility for anything associated with the job. I still have a guarantee signed by Mark Walters and his contractor which is not worth the paper it was copied on. I found later that Mark Walters and MW had no Certificate of Liability on file for their Company or record of liability insurance for the Contractor they had contracted with to do the work on my house. When I asked for the name of their common carrier, they sent me an expired insurance policy for someone that had never been on my property.

This mistake could have ruined my investment if I had a mortgage on the property. Beware of wolves in Sleek sheep's clothing. Mark Walters is a diabolical crook. Look at his reviews on Yelp. Check him out with The North Carolina Real Estate Commision.

Don't trust him!

A Lesson learned the hard way,

David R Fox Watson

[email protected]

Black Mountain, NC

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