Experience with Aurelian Capital Management?

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has used this company for financing? Here is the company http://aurelianlending.com

They seem to have good financing programs but was wondering if anyone's used them, specifically the unsecured LOC program. What your experience has been, etc. etc. They almost seem too good to be true.

Any feedback would be appreciated. 


George Sarianos 

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Any feedback on the above company, Aurelian Capital Management? They had an ad in ACRE Pittsburgh newsletter and I'm interested in their funding programs. Are they legit?



I'm also curious if anyone has any experience with this company. A colleague recommended applying with them, but the process is strange/shady.

They requested I order a trial credit score for a $1 and submit the credit report. When I asked why they didn't just do an inquiry themselves, they said the number of hard inquiries on the report affected their assessment. You'd think they'd be able to not include their own inquiry in their assessment. 

However, they don't seem to have a problem with me pulling my own credit report and submitting that. 

@sammoyhee, is your colleague a close friend of yours? Has he/she used Aurelian already?

I agree with you that it seems shady and the program is too good to be true. I've asked them for references before formally applying but I never got them. Not a good sign. 

I'll keep you posted if I hear back from them. 

@georgesarianos, did you hear anything back from Aurelian?

Below is a link to a webinar that the Connecticut REIA hosted that covers the program in really good detail. Submitting your own report sounds like a good idea on their part to save you some points on your credit report from being pulled.

This program sounds interesting, however what I see as the catch is a 15% setup fee. So if they give you $50k in a line of credit they will immediately charge you $7500. They say it is offset by giving you a year or two of 0% interest. Also it sounds like the line of credit could be upwards of 8 credit cards from different banks. I'm also interested in hearing if anyone has any actual experience with this program.


Disclosure: I am the CEO of the company trying to clear up some confusion about our program

Hello, fellow real estate investors. My name is John Syron, and I am the CEO of Aurelina Commercial Lending. I'm not here to advertise for my business, I'm here merely to answer any questions you may have about the program.  

Originally posted by @John Syron :

Hello, fellow real estate investors. My name is John Syron, and I am the CEO of Aurelina Commercial Lending. I'm not here to advertise for my business, I'm here merely to answer any questions you may have about the program.  

 Hey John, can you reply to the early comment about the credit line being up to 8 credit cards?  This certainly would not be a traditional unsecured loan, correct?

Disclosure: C.E.O

Great question John, and you are exactly right!

Our Unsecured Lines of Credit Program allows clients the ability to:

  • Pay any sort of fees related to starting a business, there are no restrictions on the money
  • Have working capital to start or expand the business (purchase equipment, supplies, marketing and other essentials)
  • Pay employees
  • Have a line of credit that can be used to help handle cash flow.

The reason we do so many credit cards is so that you leverage the banks agents each other, build your credit score, have room to grow you limits, and so you can have the money be revolving so you can just keep using it instead of having to go back to the bank like a traditional loan. As well as this way we don't require collateral, a detailed business plan, strong business experience, asset strength, tax returns, or profit and loss statements to obtain capital. We only require a strong credit profile or a co-signer with a credit profile that meets our criteria.

Did that answer your question? I am here if you or anyone else has any more questions about the program or you can give us a call at 800.598.1140 if you would like i have a amazing staff that can answer questions as well.

I did the program a little over a year ago.

I would not recommend it but I would not say not to do it either.  You have to evaluate your needs and what you can get out of it and if can benefit you.

One thing is that the "line" talk is WAY overhyped.  It is not in anyway a credit line, it is a bunch of credit cards you can take cash advances on like any other credit cards.  There is no secret sauce, you pay normal transaction fees and interest rates after the 6-18 month promo period expires.

Now you can get $100K in accessible credit which can be great.  The cards are in the name of your business so it does not affect your personal credit.  You can get promo offers on them like any card, I just did a 18 month 0% for $11K on one to recycle the cheap working capital.  I did pay a 3% fee but annualized that is only a 2% loan, not bad at all!

Clear downsides are that it is expensive. For $100K in credit you are paying $15K for them to negotiate it for you (They do put it on the cards so you will end up having 6-18 months to pay it off without interest accruing) . Also it is a PITA to get advances from 5-8 cards if you need a big chunk for something. Unless you have a special offer you will pay 3-4% and probably 15-25% interest on the money. Basically an expensive unsecured HML.

If I continue to get offers like the one I just did, especially from other cards as well, in the long run I would probably say it was worth it.  I would not say I regret doing it but I also will say I have no intention of doing a 2nd round of funding either.

Hi everyone,

I don't usually do this but I wanted to let you know I had a great experience with Aurelian Commercial lending.  I couldn't get any funding anywhere and I went to Aurelian's website and listened to some of testimonials videos.  I called Aurelian and they put me in touch with a bunch of their past clients all of which had great things to say about them.  So I went through their program.  They didn't ask for any money until they got me funding and they spent time explaining every detail of the program including the fact that I would get business credit cards first (which is fine because that is what I needed and they explained how to use them).  They got me over $100,000 and I really can't say enough good things about them.  I was basically out of business and they helped me so much.  I know all of you guys probably had lots of options for funding, but I didn't.  If it wasn't for the people at Aurelian, who called me back everytime I called and even helped me outside of funding, I don't know where I would be.   I just thought some people should know that they really helped me and all of the testimonials were honest.  Aurelian is absolutely an honest company that do what they say.  I've sent my brother to Aurelian for funding and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't think extremely highly of the people at Aurelian.


Interesting read

Updated over 2 years ago

After gettign into this transaction further, Auerlian's due dilignece proved the existing owners of the company were attempting to commit fraud. I can suggest utilizing them for their services for they look out for you and not just themselves throughout transactions.

Updated over 2 years ago

I am in the process of getting a loan through them and we had an invoice redirected to them from our customer, not even lending 50% of face value but loan not issued, though conifrmation of redirection has been sent twice.

I have experience with Aurelian. I would not EVER do business with them again. My dealings were directly with John Syron and Tammy VanKrevelen. I would be aware that they will say anything to get your business.

After I went thru the process & got my credit I realized I could have done the same myself. In the meantime I found several other companies that offer similar services & at a far better price. Buyer beware!

Disclosure: Founder and CEO

Dear Mrs. Robyn Jackson,

As you know, I am a very large real estate investor that created a program to help obtain funding for new and smaller investors.   All fees for our services cover the cost of my staff at Aurelian. I do not personally receive any income from Aurelian.  We never talk anyone into pursuing funding with our company. We consult with our clients to determine whether this program or another one of our funding programs is a good fit for their business and have even talked potential clients out of pursuing funding with Aurelian if it did not make sense for their business.  We receive emails every day from clients who are grateful for the funding as well as ongoing consulting services we provide at no charge if so desired.   I stand behind everything that Aurelian does and the many clients Aurelian has helped since I started this program in 2008.   You went through our program in 2013 (3 years ago). I have no record of any calls or emails from you indicating any dissatisfaction. Aurelian obtained over $100,000 for you and most of the funding, if not all of the funding, was at 0% interest for 12 months or more. Your funding process was completed in less than two weeks (with the exception of one bank which you ultimately chose not to pursue).  Until I read your comments above which were published 3 years after we helped you obtain funding, I believed you were satisfied with our program and had no reason to believe otherwise. We do not charge any fees until AFTER funding is complete. I would have not charged you if you would have indicated ANY dissatisfaction at the time.  As far as doing it yourself or with cheaper companies,  there are always cheaper versions of anything, but you may have sacrificed the amount of funding obtained, the length of the 0% interest period, possibly risked having the lines report to your personal credit profile instead of your business etc. Aurelian sees many clients who have tried to do so and ultimately realized they could not do what we do.  It is my understanding that you are still using the lines of credit after 3 years so I hope your comments above to not dissuade any potential people from pursuing funding with a program that has helped so many.   I hope the client testimonials on our website will be enough to show people the possibilities that one can achieve with the education and funding we make available.  I encourage anyone to visit www.aurelianlending.com or call.  I will talk to anyone directly.    I would encourage you to also contact me directly so we can determine a mutually beneficial resolution to whatever has caused you to post this comment after 3 years.   


I have used them and love them! I had a A++ experience. They care about you and your unique situation and have extensive knowledge of the market place allowing them to cater a product that suits your needs. I found the entire team to be very professional and at no point shady or below bar. 

What you can qualify for is based on your situation. That said If you get 100K in accessible credit you get them in various cards and they are in the name of your business not yours, so it doesn't affect your personal credit and you get perks that each card offers like cash back and miles that type of thing. 

Sure they charge a fee but so what? It doesn't come out of your pocket and you can use the line they get you to pay them! Not only that but by doing that you use your lines and the banks like that so in turn they raise your line quicker. its a WIN WIN.  

The entire process was quick and easy. I would trust them with my parents. They are hands down a wonderful company. I'm glad to have them in my corner. Anyone who says otherwise clearly has not dealt with them. 

So to answer your question, I submit that you have everything to gain by speaking with them. 

All the best. 

Hi John,

Could you provide a bit more color on the unsecured business line of credit program? Very interested in learning more. I'm a real estate investor in south fl and your program sounds like it would be great for my line of business.

Also if anyone else has dealt with this company please provide feedback, good or bad.


@John Syron could you provide a bit more color on the business line of credit program for startup real estate investors? Im working with a franchise in this sector and looking to increase capital for OPEX.

Tammy has been extremely helpful - just wanted to hear more from the CEO.



Tammy in our office just told me you posted this question.  It is a great question.  As most people are aware the number one reason start up real estate and small businesses of any type struggle is lack of access to sufficient capital.  When people start out everyone thinks they have enough money.  After spending the past 37 years as a business owner, real estate investor and lender I can tell you they rarely do.

The biggest problem I see most real estate investors encounter is always having access to enough money when they need to secure a project or complete a project.   New and startup investors have a very difficult time obtaining funding for their projects because lenders place a high level of risk on such funding.  Hard money is available to some start up investors and most seasoned investors but it rarely covers 100% of the cost and each project has to be underwritten and approved before funds are released. 

 Many bigger investors have either secured or unsecured lines of credit from banks, hedge funds or private investors to bridge the gap and in some cases replace the use of hard money.   

I can tell you from personal experience over many decades as a real estate investor and lender, myself and virtually every major developer I know could not possibly operate without one or more Lines of Credit.  With a line of credit the money is always there when you need it, you do not have to apply for it every time you start a new project, when the project is sold you pay off the line of credit and go on to the next project and your monthly payments are only small interest payments.

Small investors have to be a bit more creative but there are ways to utilize certain bank programs, special business lines of credit and business credit card programs to accomplish what traditional lines of credit provide.

Knowing each of the large number of main street bank's ever changing appetites for this type of lending, which particular bank or banks would accept you as a borrower, how to position yourself to be an acceptable borrower and which particular bank program to apply for are daunting tasks for most individuals.  However for those who can fight their way through this obstacle course there is hope and opportunity on the other side.  

Opportunity by creating a pool of funding from multiple banks ( never put all your eggs in one basket) that does not require collateral or a long business track record.  If you can navigate the banking world you can have perhaps as much as $150,000 to start for your new real estate or new small business.  Once you learn that accessing this pool of funding with special business credit cards is actually a very good thing because banks will increase the amount of credit they provide your business as you prove you are a good client, you will have positioned your new venture in a strategic way to dramatically increase your chances of success.

After having people for 37 years ask me to teach them how to get funding and how to invest it, 8 years ago I put a group of very talented committed people together to educate and fund investors and business owners.  All of our clients start with obtaining multiple special business credit cards from banks that have partnered with us.  We use the leverage we have gained by providing our partner banks with a tremendously large number of great clients who are using these programs to obtain the absolute best rates and terms for our current and future clients.   I originally offered this education and funding to a small number of people, but the demand grew at a very fast rate and now Aurelian is assisting, and has assisted, people throughout the entire United States.  I count the success of Aurelian's education and funding program not only in how much funding we have provided but more so in the number of people we have helped become successful and profitable in their areas of business.  My group at Aurelian has exceeded all of my expectations in the advice and funding provided and most importantly the overall success of our clients.

Thank you for the question, 


John Syron


Aurelian Commercial Lending

@John Syron ","user_avatar":{"medium":{"url":"https://assets2.biggerpockets.com/uploads/social_user/user_avatar/580454/medium_1468249854-avatar-johns456.jpg"}}}" href="/users/JohnS456">@John Syron John Syron

Thanks for the detailed response. I feel much more comfortable and have been in consistent communication with Tammy as well. I'm looking forward to establishing a productive business relationship with Aurelian and will update this forum after successful funding is complete.

Thanks again,

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@John Syron ","user_avatar":{"medium":{"url":"https://assets2.biggerpockets.com/uploads/social_user/user_avatar/580454/medium_1468249854-avatar-johns456.jpg"}}}" href="/users/JohnS456">@John Syron @John Syron  I know this is an old thread and companies that get credit card debt for newbies is a business I acknowledge that.. one thing it does though when those folks do this is hammer their fico.

but maybe if your getting them in the companies..

I just find it interested you would spend all this time an write long post then say you Make no money from the company like your doing this as some altruistic favor to the investing public.. Its OK john to admit your for profit.. I know I am

Jay, Thanks for the post.  You are right it is stupid for me not to take any money from my company that helps people get credit lines and just let the staff and overhead get paid.  Thanks for pointing it out.   

I guess I thought I make enough from investing through my Real Estate Company that I didn't need to pull money from Aurelian.

Aurelian's Credit Lines by the way don't report to your personal credit profile so it DOESN"T "Hammer their Fico" as you rightly pointed out that most do.   So it takes a lot of time and money to do it the right way and there isn't a ton left over after the staff gets paid.  But you know sometimes you have to do things for reasons other than profit.  Fortunately, I am lucky enough to be in that position.   Thanks again, good luck with your investing.

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