LeadPropeller Investor Websites?

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Does anyone use LeadPropeller? It looks really simple and fairly priced. I assume I'll be putting up for the SEO and hosting.

@Omari Brown  Scott Costello has a great post at strugglinginvestor.com about Investor Carrot.  I highly recommend you take a look before you purchase.

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@Omari Brown I'm a long time Carrot customer and I second the suggestion to take a look at this platform.

Trevor over there does weekly "mastermind" calls that are worth more alone than the subscription fee for the site!

Let me know if you have any questions from a customer prospective..would be glad to help.

@Omari Brown I got setup with Leadpropeller at the end of August and absolutely love it. It is a great looking site for PC/Mac and on any mobile device. It was extremely easy to setup, and I am not very website savvy. There are tutorials for everything you need to know about setting up the site. You can add youtube videos, blogs etc.. you can make it what you want.  

As Danny put it to me it all about momentum, the more you get yourself out there the more you will get in return. What you do now will start to see results 3 months down the road. I have been doing this part time while I manage my full time job and have created about 10 cash buyers in my area. Have really only promoted myself for the last two weeks. The website is great when you receive a seller/investor lead you get an email/text immediately. The auto responders are automatically setup and easily customizable.  

The tech support has been great! I sent in a request close to midnight the night I was setting the site up (the meta tag part was a little confusing) and got a response that night! I don't know it is always that way but Danny has been great to deal with. 

Danny is a BP member easily accessible for any of your needs. 

For me when it came to a website, it was a no-brainer. It is obvious that for Danny it is about much more than just providing another website. Just my thoughts.  

If you have any other questions let me know, I would love to provide any info as I am still learning the site and find new things everyday.   

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@Steve Hugdahl  Thanks for the recommendation.  We strive to provide the best customer service available.

We are constantly improving our websites and our training to help people get the most out of their sites.  We've already made an insane amount of improvements since we've gone live.  

If anyone has any questions, let us know.


Founder, LeadPropeller

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