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Hey everyone,

I have found PropertyRadar to be an amazing website and REI tool. That being said, if you sign up for their free trial please be aware that they make you contact customer support in order to cancel. Also, their customer support is only available M-F 9am to 5pm.

My free trial expires over the weekend so I hope they receive and honor my cancellation request before my credit card is charged. 

They have a slick site. This is 2015. In this day and age most websites that offer a free trial also make it easy to cancel with the click of a button. I know the CEO of PropertyRadar sometimes monitors these posts. This just seems like an unnecessary step to make it harder to cancel after the free trial. It is just an annoyance for potential customers, please consider redesigning this part of the Free Trial experience.



@Derrick Reyes  - you have to understand why a company (not just the one you posted here) wants the cancellation to be by phone to a representative. You see, they have reps who will try to sell you on staying - "retention specialists". A website just doesn't give them the same retention opportunity.   

Not saying that this is right ...

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A potential annoyance to whom?  People that are ending their free trail and oh by the way are likely to never sign up?  It's a business decision.  I can't say that I'd go out of my way to make it easy for people to cancel a free trial if it were my business.  For what it's worth...

@Travis Hamilton 

#1) It's a business decision to piss off the people who tried your service? Maybe I can't afford it now but I sure can recommend your business to my friends who can. Also, I'm sure if it were your business you'd rather have me praising it on social media instead of bad mouthing it. It might be a business decision, but it's more stick than carrot.

#2) This is an outdated method of retention that simply insults the people who took the time to try your service. Very few other websites that offer free trials make you contact customer support to cancel. Why would you put yourself behind the competition?

#3) If they are likely to never sign up whose fault is that? Is it mine for not finding the service worth the money or yours for not setting your price point at a place that matches the value of your services? Maybe its nobody's fault so maybe the potential customer shouldn't be punished. 

#4) This just smacks of bait and switch. When you sign up for a free trial they show you a welcome video and tell you to go to billing and simply press cancel. However they stop there and fail to mention that pressing cancel just bring up a window that tells you to contact customer support.

PropertyRadar is useful in finding trustee sales and people with NODs recorded. It serves mostly west coast sates. 

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@Derrick Reyes  - I get it's a PITA and annoying and certainly some companies choose to make it much easier to end a subscription.   And a ton don't.   Try canceling any type of Verizon product.  You can buy and upgrade anything and everything you can think of online but discontinuing a service can only occur between 8:00 and 8:12 Hawaiian Time Monday and Saturday.   It's a risk versus reward business decision. 

Having said that - I did go over to their site and signed up for their free trial and read the terms of service and it clearly lays out several ways you can cancel.  One of which says you just click the cancel button.  Should they charge you I'd be sure to point this out and I'm sure it will be handled appropriately. 

Hi @Derrick Reyes  

I appreciate the feedback. A couple of quick points:

1. We honor absolutely ever cancellation we get based on the time it comes in, even if someone on my team isn't there at the time. We are not trying to trick folks - if you cancel before the trial ends you won't be charged. Only exception is if you cancel in the middle of the night right before the trial ends you might get charged just because we didn't see it in time, but we will absolutely refund that charge as soon as we do see it.

2. @Steve Babiak  , and @Travis Hamilton   are both partially right that it's a business decision, but unfortunately its primarily driven by problems with Customer Fraud. Let me explain...

As a trial user you can actually download 1,000's of leads, and then simply cancel. We limit free trials to one per user, but we have a real problem with people using fake information to repeatedly sign up to steal our service on an ongoing basis. As our first step in trying to catch these criminals, we recently started requiring that trial users cancel by contacting support. This gives my security team another data point in tracking down these repeat offenders. We've got a few other things we are trying as well, but unfortunately we are likely either going to have to stop offering free trials altogether, or limit the trials substantially to stop this abuse. More unfortunately it's not a small problem for us - we estimate the cost of this abuse to be more than a hundred thousand dollars annually. This really bums me out, as I just hate to let these rotten apples ruin my belief that even a brand new trial user should be allowed to use everything we offer. :-(

Thanks again,


    Now that is a great honest reply and I can respect that reasoning. You offer a great service in PropertyRadar and the fraud and exploitation you mentioned is difficult to combat.

One suggestion may be to simply add a button or tooltip that says "Why do I have to contact customer support to cancel?" And then give the exact explanation you gave me. I would have read it. 

Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

- Derrick

@Sean OToole  Keep offering the free trial but perhaps automate the de-dupe (freeloaders) by authing a credit card.  It will cost a few cents but will allow you to automate much of this work.  Just a thought.   


 - C

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