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@Cal Ewing

Did you end up using Voepel? I'm looking for a PM for my 2 rentals in Kansas City as well? I talked to Brent, the owner of Voepel and had a pretty good conversation with him. I also talked to 33rd Company. I'm now deciding between these 2.


@Becky Lu @Cal Ewing - I don't have any experience with Voepel, but have 2 PM companies I have worked with in Kansas City, 1 good, 1 bad and can point you in the right direction if you want to send me a PM.  I had to fire the first one I started with and have a good one now.  

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Just in case someone pull up this thread: we had a horrible experience with Voepel. Cost us thousand of

dollars because they neglect the properties and ignored the tenants. I

politely spoke to the owner Brent Voepel about it and he screamed at me.

Wost company I have ever dealt with. Check reviews on BBB, Yelp, and

Google. terrible.